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  1. Philip Penkov

    Leblanc is the only champion, that even if you are 20/0 you just cant carry with her… cuz she is a mage with no hp, and ends up one shot in the end…

  2. Nicholas DeNinno

    Yo what’s the name of that dating app he was talking about? Couldn’t quite make out what he was saying

  3. Jordan Virts

    can someone explain the whole gifted subs thing. like i dont understand why moe gifts himself subs??? or am i wrong?

  4. aBanabis

    if you're going mixed.. PTA for sure is the best option. you only need 3 autos and it does a shitload of damage. fleet is so dumb on lb -_-;

  5. aBanabis

    i don't understand why ad LB always go fleet or klepto it doesn't make sense to me. fleet especially.. she doesn't need the movespeed from it, she's already the most mobile champion in the game, that's the entire reason she's viable as AD. You should either be going PTA or Lethal Tempo…both of which provide actually useful damage..there's absolutely no reason you should be going fleet.. i mean, are you really finding that heal worthwhile in laning phase? I wouldn't think so. I mean it works on Kass because he's melee and the sustain helps for CS. On LB it's just a waste.

  6. Jovan Lončar

    When you text them like that just explain what you meant and it came out weird/creepy. Stuff like that came out weird lol.

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