Where to begin? What a penultimate stage to this year’s Tour de France. Here are the full highlights from an incredible day, which will long be remembered as an iconic moment in the race’s illustrious history.

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  1. Michael Toscano

    Stellar TdF 2020! Thanks to all the riders for making this an outstanding event and demonstrating premier sportsmanship!

  2. Сергей Хохлов

    Лопес просто реально "сдулся"…без команды он ни кто… Так провалить этап – уметь надо !…

  3. RoboGarden

    Tadej has been riding since was 11 (the commentators mentioned). The kid already had 10+ years of riding in his legs before even winning this tour. Ton of hard work and dedication already.

  4. Juan C Garcia

    UCI should not allow switching of bikes except if there is a mechanical incident. Many raiders changed bikes…mechanical doping is at stake. Part of the deal is and should be that every rider relays on their own ability and strength to run the full stage without this open disadvantage of switching equipment. You are good because you are.

  5. Talib Elrhandour

    روجليك اخطأ التقدير ،كان يوسع الفارق قبل المرحلة 20 50 تانية غير كافية

  6. Giant Leap

    These guys know how to compete. Much respect to both. Hope you folks become an example to many young cyclists and other athletes.

  7. Rusty Man

    Last time this happened was in 1989, except for 2011 when Cadel Evans did it with a greater gap to ride into yellow, by himself with almost zero help from his team and at 34 years old the oldest post WW2 rider to win the tour. Awesome effort here though!

  8. Lububz Dalais

    Wow, what a great real life saga. Amazing race for an extraordinary time we live in. Thank you for the great racing Tadej and Roglic👏👏

  9. Sponkles

    Class act from Roglic in the end. It was nice to see him congratulate his countryman. It seems Pogacar is humble in victory as well. It's been a heck of a Tour, and I'm glad it came down to these amazing athletes battling it out.

  10. Lucent Shadow

    And I thougt Cavagna was a beast – then the rest came, and Lil Tadej just went off on everybody, my goodness

  11. Ja Man

    watching roglic crashing out in the past knowing he could have won was very disappointing, but this is next level, i sorry for him!!! but pogacar earned his yellow jersey!!! nothing but respect for both.

  12. Pol Thomas KEELEY

    Team UAE dancing around now with a TdF win. No support from team mates (Aru and Formolo distant memories) in comparison to the other big teams, yet he still outclassed them all. That was EPIC. Wow.

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