At the ReTuna shopping mall in Sweden everything for sale is recycled, thanks to its clever location.

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  1. Adam Becker

    I live in Västerås in Sweden it’s like a 40 min drive and I’m going there to look for some golf clubs

  2. Prashant Yata

    Such a nice concept but I would like to dig a little does it sustain…the economics and the maths behind it. It looks rather classy and upscale …What about the rents,the staff salary ,electricity and other overheads…especially if its second hand stuffs…is the govt involved in running it..
    Or is it because most of the stuff is donated and the people working there including the designers who recycle and redesign stuff are working for free….just asking…

  3. Diolver Bravo

    please venture your business here in the Philippines! There's a lot of resources for your mall

  4. me heretoday

    such a shame the comments section has been taken over by a group of idiots ( eg Pepe the Frog and his mates) pushing their own agendas…. certainly one way to turn people off their agenda and making sure we give no sympathy to what ever each of them is pushing.

    On the positive it was a great video thank you BBC.
    Well done BBC please can you do more stories like this. 🙂

  5. 里女居留卡

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  6. Mark Goddard

    How do you know when the BBC is having a YOUTUBE day? They head their page with ‘all you need to know ‘Briefing’, in five minutes.’ If you have half a mind to read it, half a mind is probably all you’ll need.

  7. Eddie Tran

    I wanted to be the first to own a big shop selling recycled things, looks like I’m too late, maybe when I’m older I can have a start up shop in Australia! 🇸🇪❤️🇦🇺

  8. eric lovelace

    If you want real news, go to RT UK instead because the bbc's youtube channel has giving up the ghost due to being called out on their bullshit too many times.  Hail victory!

  9. Misaki Chan

    This comment section somehow found a way to make something simple and eco-friendly into something toxic oof

  10. Michael Boylan

    At least they dont recycle the customers, I like good news stories,,,though I hate shopping malls, Why not recycle shopping malls, Why not use them to house those who promoted Brexit,,,malls are a kind of hell

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