Discover the highlights of Tour de France 2020’s Stage 1 – Nice Moyen Pays / Nice.

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  1. Ali Kho

    There's been timeless request not to reveal the winner, the creators are so arrogant, we should stop watching, I can miss TDF2020.

  2. DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    i always forget how worthless this 'coverage' is. it should be called 'crash reporting'

  3. Shauka Hodan

    videos are badly labelled and too short . Remember , these videos should be intended to be rewatched many times over the years Do doing enough to promote your content

  4. Jack Leonardo

    This comments thread will definitely have someone complaining about something–however mundane and trivial. The world does not exclusively cater to you, Master Complainer.
    Thank the makers of this clip, the organizers, the riders, the teams, the broadcasters, and everyone who made this possible to bring it to you for your enjoyment. Heck, thank even your slow internet provider while you're at it!

    The thing is, you can opt not to click and watch this, but you did, and as is your nature, found something to either annoy you or give yourself a massive aneurysm over what? The need to be noticed? The need to show how smart and sophisticated you are about watching men in tights & multicolored shirts with letters on them go around in the sun and rain in machines designed to knock you off its seat?

    Be thankful and grow up.

  5. Bryan Jeske

    Vive le Tour de France 2020 !!! Congrats to Alexander Kristoff of Norway for exciting Stage 1 victory !!! Nice is nice , but a little too slippery – don't remember seeing the roads so slippery before , but still exciting !!!


    God Bless this greatest sporting event of the world. These are all champions even those coming in last place. They are the standard for courage and raw nerve. God Bless them all.

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  8. Paul Wolf

    I´m watching the highlights, cause i did´nt catch everything live. Also, I´m already being spoilered like everywhere else in the media or social media. Really don´t know why you guys complain so hard about the winner being shown in the thumpnail…

  9. Venice

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  10. Dutoit Dumonde

    Très belle fête populaire que ce tour de France, beaucoup de spectateurs, les sponsors von être heureux de leurs investissement, il faut espérer que les coureurs ne von pas s'étouffer avec le masque. Quel est le taux de Co2 dans le sang avant le départ ?

  11. xcvxcv

    Tdf do the worst stage highlights… However they do the best overall highlight at the end, not much detail but kiss love watching them! . Watch those covering 2017 and 2018…great photography

  12. Daniel T

    bien filmé beau montages des scènes de l'étape cycliste.well filmed beautiful montages of the scenes of the cycling stage.

  13. Donald Shake

    not only a picture of the winner in the thumbnail, but spelled out in english as well. this channel is fucking garbage

  14. Andrew Rivera

    These horrible producers! Show the race! Not all the fluff! And where’s the video of Pinot having a shit fit!?!?

  15. Gerard Razul Carim

    didnt know Mads Pedersen could sprint! thought he was just lucky for getting the rainbow last year

  16. 19brian55

    That was a terrible 1st Stage replay, no content and you announced the winner in your headline.
    Is this how each day will be or will you be doing a more comprehensive coverage of the subsequent stages?

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