South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has reimposed a ban on alcohol sales and ordered the closure of all bars as part of new restrictions to contain a resurgence of the coronavirus – including a new variant. He also announced an extension of a nighttime curfew from 9 pm until 6 am. Ramaphosa said reckless behavior contributed to the recent spike and is putting pressure on hospital emergency units. He said the new restrictions would be reviewed in a few weeks.


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  3. crying freeman

    As an Aussie we had level 3 and 4 lockdowm here in Melbourne but they didn't dare close down bottleshops. We are pretty obedient population but the government knows there'd be big trouble if they took our booze. BiG trouble. I feel for you S'africans

  4. Lilian Visser

    Alcohol ban will not help, the police and government officials partying day and night . get drunk and drive around in police cars!!! So what is the use!!!>>

  5. Beryl Ackermann

    Load of hogwash. There are more people dying of starvation and other illnesses. As one Virologist has reported the VARIANT is not more dangerous as ALL VIRUSES MUTATE including INFLUENZA. No wonder they call South Africa a 3rd World country, because they are in every way. This Doctor is that is what he said is WRONG. 15,000 Scientists Worldwide are saying it differently and I hope and pray that all those who have promoted this "Covid debacle" will be held accountable for Crimes against humanity. Because God WILL in due time.

  6. Affaan Terblanche

    Why tf you reporting on our country. This guy isn't even from South African, not with that accent.

  7. Dr. Ricko

    Solution lies in chinese philosophy. If you give a man a fish, he eat it and will be hungry next day.
    But if you teach them how to brew his own alcohol, he'll at least STAY AT HOME.

  8. jnicolettebailey

    Our corrupted South African Government looted all the Covid funds. None left to purchase vaccines, even at cost price

  9. Sherree Wilson

    We have an African here in Australia with the New Variant. So many people here, are thinking it’s a big joke, that it is just the Common Flu. Take Care Africa. Hope the Vaccine works. 🌹

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