Watch the highlights of Stage 19 of Tour de France 2020.
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  1. Ask to seduce Miss

    No one talks about the QS rider shifts left to block Sagan purposefully on that intermediate sprint 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. swampfolk

    После того как тур выиграли на допинге кучу раз какой смысл вообще это смотреть? Ну и сделайте им тур из одних разделок, без команд, пусть покажут кто реально крут, а кого просто тащут.

  3. TEAM WU

    No one talks about the QS rider shifts left to block Sagan purposefully on that intermediate sprint 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Jon Einar Mattias Visser

    Great day an a brave moove from the danish. I wouln't care about time, just ride to the finnish man!

    Tomorrows TT is goona be good too. Great it is uphills. That'l serve Pogacar right! But Roglic is a great rider too… I expect Dumoulin to moove a bit up in the rankings possibly, he's a proper TT specialist after all…

  5. Peter Ewers

    Why do we never hear about Richie Porte’s team doing anything to help him get into a position to attack?

  6. Ja Man

    tour de boring, zero attacks from or against the yellow jersey!!! and i thought froome was a no action play it safe rider. i never thought id give up on boxing, formula1, nfl, and….., but tdf will be next. sports these days just seems fixed. 20 years ago 5 riders could have won, now we have 1 who gets the jersey and they ride to paris.

  7. Miro Pribanić

    now that the important questions in this TdF seem to be settled….one remark: Europe is beautiful…I love Italy, Croatia (of course)…..but my oh my, France is special….I have driven by car through many of the areas the Tour uses for its stages …in the Massif Central, in the Pyrenees, in the Jura and Savoies amongst others…it takes your breath away.

  8. Giacomino Losi

    A 2:36 questo scatto bruciante di Kragh Andersen a i -16 km dal traguardo, che coglie totalmente di sorpresa tutti gli altri componenti del gruppetto di testa, mi ricorda molto l'impresa che fece fabian Cancellara quando andò a vincere da solo la Milano-SanRemo 2008 !! bravo Kragh andersen, si vede che ha imparato bene la lezione di come si vince una tappa con uno scatto fulminante a pochi km dal traguardo, alla "cancellara " ahaha grande Kragh, 2° vittoria di tappa a questo Tour 2020, tutta meritata !! Solo con una piccola differenza fra le due situazioni, qui K.Andersen scattò e lasciò il gruppetto di testa a i -16 km dal traguardo, là cancellara alla milano-sanremo scattò a i -2 km dalla conclusione, differenza non da poco.

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