Enjoy this! I found this on an old VHS video tape, NETWERK TV1 News – 1987

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  1. prodigy stories

    Lol this is my second comment bruh i thought racism died out of this country damn am now not gonnna trust some of the whites i thought we are united there's alot of racism in the comments and just imagine alot which didn't comment 😭

  2. prodigy stories

    I guess when you were white you were living luxury in those days huh lol judging by some of the comments saying those were the better days

  3. ManWhoRuns

    Does anyone have an old M-NET TV guide?

    I'm posting this in the comments of a few channels, since I've been trying to get hold of one for the last 25 years without luck.

    I left South Africa in 1995, but have an overwhelmingly strong nostalgia for the monthly M-NET TV guides my parents bought. Sadly we never kept any, but I have fond memories of leafing through them.

    I would very much like to get hold of one again. From sometime when they first were published in the 1980s up until around 1995 or even 1996. Any issue published during this time frame.

    I recall one special issue, for the anniversary of M-NET, had a written article on the TV guide itself with a gallery of all the covers. I would especially like this issue, but any will do.

    If you have an old M-NET TV guide, please, please post a reply to my message here. It will be flagged on my YouTube account and then when I log in every few days I can respond. I'm happy to pay for postage. I just really, really want an old M-NET TV guide. If you can't post it I would love to see photos and scans.

    Please, help me out.

  4. King

    Drove past that hotel 2 years ago.. had to make a U turn and get out. What a slum it has become.. a REAL SLUM

  5. Joe Meteorologist

    Lived and worked there for nearly 4 years, Most EVERYONE spoke English but AFRIKAANS was the mother language. Being from Brooklyn/Staten Island I found it somehow familiar … DUTCH EAST INDIA CO. ENTERED NYC IN 1650's and SOUTH AFRICA THE SAME TIME 1652.

  6. Matthew Wilkins

    It's always weird to see your country being talked about (Australia) in a language you don't understand. Very cool video

  7. Dokoe Dokoe

    Propaganda-instrument van het apartheidsregime, interessant om te zien. Geen zwart persoon te zien 🙁

  8. Lebogang Dlamini Lebogang Dlamini

    When life was harmony for the Afrikaner shame at least they once enjoyed life now it's all gone for them

  9. B- boy Mr M.

    What is happening now in the country was supposed have happened long time ago we would be just fine by now if government of then did not become evil and hold other race groups behind. Now they are the only ones who are advanced and the rest is playing catch up in a country that should be a first world by now. ..

  10. 7775dawn

    Hahah that distortion in the weather forecast, hahah , my dad always blamed the cops , with their long arials

  11. Crunch Karma

    Now our journalists get robbed while live on SABC. Welcome to the rainbow nation, enjoy jour stay

  12. Yo Yo

    Ah the good old days. I was doing my service in 1987. Lots has changed but so much is the same since those days

  13. BMan78

    Very nice to see Afrikaans language news recovered, although the 16:9 crop from the 4:3 source isn't necessary.

  14. Wendy Zitzman

    En net so sit ek weer lanks my oupa se stoel en nuus kyk op die plaas! Dankie vir die nostalgie! 🙂

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