Interview & rare archives footages. From “Live narch neun”, 11/03/2020.
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  1. BA2420

    One of very few truely great audio+visual creatives hatched by the alt music scene in my opinion – Most surreal and powerful and vivid – Often renders other artists pale and conformist and cautious by comparison – Thanks for your fabulous hi octane efforts Nina!

  2. mister Knister

    Der EINZIGE DEUTSCHE MEGASTAR! Wer sonst? Westerhagen, Lindemann, Heino oder die Fischer? Hahaha, never

  3. loulou55

    Wenn wir alle Politiker auf diesem Planeten durch Leute wie Nina Hagen ersetzen würden… die Welt wäre ein friedlicher Ort…!
    If we replace all politicans on this planet thru poeple like Nina Hagen, the world would be a peaceful place…!

  4. This is not My sandwich

    I love this woman. I'm Brazilian and first heard of her when I was 7 years old when her song New York, New York became a massive hit in my country as it was the theme of a soap opera at the time back in the 80's. Been following her career ever since. Have every single one of her records. My queen. I bow to thee. My favourite song is Silent Love. It marked my childhood.

  5. Génesis Olin

    Nina Hagen is a great singer, i knew about her at 17, now im 27… 10 years listen good music, i wish she back to mexico… The last time she was in my country i loss the concert! ):

  6. Rita L

    It's interesting and it was so nice to see your mom and your daughter! I never saw them before! I remember your song about your daughter!

  7. Veronika-Freya-Thurisinda Menzel

    Ninchen, du bist und bleibst einfach Nice, unereichbar für den Rest der Welt!!!! Deine Stimme….deine Auftritte……. wie irre schön 👍 Wir haben mal Party gemacht, in Ostberlin…..,ILove You…💋💋

  8. SWSimpson

    Nina Hagen can turn my gray skies blue. She has a beautiful, sweet enlightened spirit and she is a great talent. Happy Birthday Nina, you beautiful creature!! I love you much. Muaaaah!

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