Tadej Pogačar in a dramatic finish to stage 20 of Tour de France 2020.

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  1. Daniel Vázquez Cestari

    This is like Cadel Evans 2011 timetrial but scripted by Mel Gibson ahaha what an epic stage

  2. Zarp Sterr

    Pogacar was supernatural on this day.Nobody was going to beat that time…..I mean, 1 minute and 21 seconds ahead of Roglic, after starting 57 seconds down…..greatest time-trial I've ever seen

  3. Vivek Deshmukh

    Switching to roadbike from the TT bike gave them great advantage on last climbs. I guess, They played with a brain the most.

  4. speedpeteV

    Such a big gap to the other riders is really strange…if he is not physically doped, using a hidden Lipo-cell and a brushless motor with around 50 watts in the tt-bike lets him get fresh in the climb…the resulting fact: RIDER IS CLEAN…this drivetrain weighs less than 200 gramm…blood sample is within regulations…WIN !!! Simple…

  5. Croatian Mountain Biking

    My predictions:

    Giro:L-Carapaz+L-Tao G,SD- Richie Porte

    Tour:L-Bernal, L-Thomas(if he will be on the form), SD-Adam Yates, SD- Richie Porte

    Vuelta: L-Carapaz, L-Yates, SD-Myb Tao G, and SD/debut-Tom Pidcock.
    *myb Porte will be given co-leader role in a GT bc at the end he did podium the tour this year.
    SD- super domestique

    Good chance in the Giro, Vuelta depending on the riders who will take part, high podium chances in Tour if riders will be on the form( considering how much they have some must will ), but still I think there is jo chance of winning the Tour over Roglic or Pogacar except if Ineos put all of their best GC GT riders in the tour( which they obviously wont ), We need to remember Roglic will still progress since he didnt start cycling as a kid and is showing constant improvements, not to mention how hungry he will be, also, consider Roglic crashed in the Dauphine and wasnt able to ride a bike for a week before heading to the tour. And Pogacar, I think he speaks for himself, almost won the Tour at age 21, very aggressive, and he is just too superior in recovering and riding in the 3rd week of a grand tour compared to most of his rivals.

  6. Jure Stiplošek

    In Slovenija we didn't know. Should we celebrate or do we feel with Roglič. That was most dramatic ending for us. Off course we are happy for Tadej but we really didn't know how good can be Tadej.

  7. Dott. Ubaldo Alberico

    +1.21 min on Domoulin
    +1.21 min on Van aert
    +1.55 min on roglic
    It's possible to give this distance on 2 specialized men in crono?
    I have many many doubts about it.

  8. J H

    What a dramatic stage and end to the tour. But how do the commentary on the highlights manager to make it sound so boring.

  9. bouytt guyt

    Słowenia górą!! 1.🇸🇮 2.🇸🇮 Congrats Tadej, Primoz (and Richie 🇦🇺). Pozdrowienia z Polski 🇵🇱

  10. Konrad 482

    It's the tour which makes me have goose bumps for 3 weeks! This is more glue on my soul then a fifa Worldcup!

  11. dolimi jotoo

    Słowenia górą!! 1.🇸🇮 2.🇸🇮 Congrats Tadej, Primoz (and Richie 🇦🇺). Pozdrowienia z Polski 🇵🇱

  12. annag cocl

    Deserving winner. Im glad the stage where he got caught in the crosswinds didnt cost him the Tour

  13. franz1c

    One of the best Surprise stage!

    Anyway, is Eurosport going to finish & release the last Stage 21 highlight coverage!!!??? 😬😬😬

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  15. fritz walter

    i almost missed that TT,because i thought it was already over. then my father came into my room and asked me if "am seeing what is Happening".i joined, when pogacar was inly 30 sec behind roglic. Crazy finale!

  16. j burm

    I think Rogilic must had a bad day, until 30km/ he was unlike 30 seconds behind Podgacar and lost 1.27 min. in the last 5km. It was not an incedible ride py Podgacar, he was fast indeed on the last six kilometres, but Tom Domoulin didn't change his TT bike, that cos about 40 seconds. Although Jumbo Vismar was dominating the whole tour, on the last he they had some bad luck and also some litlle mistakes. On a normal day, Rogilic might have loose slightly 10 to 15 seconds to Pogacar.

  17. Maddy Grand

    Pogacar thanking his team is the best joke ever. His team barely done anything during the entire 3 weeks. Pogacar will be bought by Ineos I'd reckon.

  18. Etabeta

    Se puntavo ad inizio tour come volevo fare, 50€ su Pogacar dato a 18, mi sarei strizzato il culo fino alla fine ma avrei 900 sacchi 🤬🤬🤬🤬🥵🥵😡

  19. #AkoSi- Bong

    if the white, polka dot and yellow jerseys could be won all at the same time by one and the same rider on rim brakes, then what do we need disk brakes for? (lol !!)

  20. Mega Watt Triathlon

    Grosse erreur de jumbo visma qui s'est contentée dun filet de secondes que son conccurrent a pulvérisé et balayé de toute sa classe…est que l'éviction du directeur sportif de jumbo visma a joué un rôle…j'ai trouvé roglic fatigué…sans forces…son deuxième vélo n'avait pas l'air d'être le sien…mal à l'aise sur sa monture…jumbo visma a joué avec le feu et s'est brûlée…belle leçon de David contre goliath…bravo pogadjar!

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