Here’s a nice roasted leg of lamb recipe. Hope you all like it.

Happy Easter !!!

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  1. Teeko Train

    Cinnamon n rosemary w garlic, lenon, and yogurt marinade for me tonight on loin chops. This looks wonderful too

  2. Ga. B

    absolutely delicious, juicy and tender. my lamb leg was 5 lbs so it sat in the oven at 325F for 2.5 hours for well done. This was my first time cooking lamb and i am blown away.

  3. Amanda Greco

    Not fully Italian Easter dinner but with my luck like most his steak recipes with basting how they never work I’m for sure know my cinnamon stick would break even trying to push it threw 1/16 of the hole.. 😭

  4. sicboi

    Happy Easter! This is exactly the recipe I needed for two boneless lamb roasts I bought at random going that Gordon would have a video to school me on how to prepare it!

  5. Lisa Volpe

    Quick, easy to follow, and loved the fact I felt like I was at my family's house, with your beautiful wife and children in the background ❤, nice !!!

  6. Ian Thomo

    He says he is "roasting the vegetables off" but he really isn't, he is "frying the vegetables off" before roasting. I am sure he knows the difference but he is so fast a furious he uses the wrong words. Not sure his food would be that great given the lack of attention to detail…

  7. Tom Y

    Chef! We used you recipe on our first ever lamb meal and it was killer! We used rosemary instead of thyme and roasted in a covered magna-lite roaster. After letting it rest for an hour it was terrific!! Thank you!

  8. Rockin Rollin n Trollin

    this COOKIE MONSTER MILLIONAIRS……is how GORDEN MONEYBAGS RAMSEY informs you how to dress LAMB into a LAMB TASTELESS COCOTION of assorted expensive condiments / spices to remove any affilated lamb tasting experience……mind you, those shanks looked more like hogget regardind size @ least a few months over 12 …`?.

  9. DIF Mohamed Amine

    300 for one hour is definitely not enough.
    I cooked in 320 for 1h 10min smaller thigh piece. Not cooked

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