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  2. Evasofie jocom

    Thank you for the recipe. by the way,can we change the sponge cake with other cake for example later sponge cake or brownies cake?

  3. berry more

    I can't afford to make this from scratch. Guess will just buy sponge cake and dip in chocolate sauce instead!

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  5. Kitchen our Doctor

    Waoooo, yummy. My kids love it . We are also working in this field . Please visit our channel. Thank you.🌹

  6. Jemefy The Chef

    It was a disaster! I would suggest using milk chocolate and not dark dark is way more I have to put almost triple the amount of heavy cream/ thick cream! And a dash of milk!!


    Love from Lahore Pakistan 😘 definitely will try, friend see my cooking vdo at jolly Azeem 😘 for drawing vdo see at colour cloud Pakistan

  8. Sue J

    Ganache is nice but a modern touch. Laminations traditionally are coated in a fairly runny chocolate icing mixture which sinks into the sponge cake, delicious!

  9. TheGoogle User

    This video is awesome because i could not find a bakery that had a clue what this cake was so this is perfect so i can make it myself.

  10. Mateus Sousa

    Hey I'll like to try this delicious recipe, I'm going to share this video with my mom so we can try to make this delicious recipe, already making my mouth watery hahaha!

  11. SK

    Thanks for the recipe. Loved this video. I just tried this and it turned very tasty. Thank you soooo much for sharing this video with us. ❤💛💚💙💜❤

  12. Dean Stephens

    By all means, use ganache, but authentic Australian recipes don't usually call for it, as it's too thick. Usually it's made with melted butter, cocoa, icing sugar, hot water and milk, for those who are interested 🙂

  13. Bianca Hotca

    In Romania we have this came, but it's called Congoleza. My mom used to make this. I made it once. You can either roll it in chocolate or minced walnuts.

  14. Meriem Doc

    عملت نفس الوصفة و ما نجحت كداب متى نحضر كيبك بلا خميرة

  15. kaydenpat

    Wow. That looks so easy and delicious that I have to try it. I’ll use crushed nuts instead of coconut though. Thanks for posting.

  16. Yusra bibi Sayed hassan

    I follwed this recipe exact word.for word and it came out a flop,the batter was dry and stinks of egg ,it was unapatising and i wont recommend this vedio to anyone 🤕🤒

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