Ernst Roets, adjunk- uitvoerende hoof van AfriForum, se boek Kill the Boer wat handel oor die wreedaardige werklikheid van plaasaanvalle in Suid-Afrika en hoe die Suid-Afrikaanse regering tot die krisis aandadig is, is Saterdag 30 Junie amptelik bekendgestel.

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  1. 1652 J van Riebeeck

    Dit geweld moet ophouden 🇳🇱🧀🌷 tijd voor een blanke regering weg met het ANC en EFF!! Dit is wat W F de Klerk jullie heeft achtergelaten! Die stupid poephol!

  2. Innaman Joubert

    That this watershed book be criticised or questioned in any way as being controversial when the encitement and agitation chants "Kill the Boer/Farmer/White" itself bears very little scrutiny or outrage is a indictment on SA's depths of depravity.The complicity and denial of law enforcement,government officials and media suppression of the intensifying ethnic cleansing in SA allows for a Sate of Emergency or foreign intervention.The extent of the premeditation and grotesque debauchery is horrific.Especially as the victims were completely vulnerable and were under the illusion that they were contributing to SA in a minuscule way as law-abiding citizens or productive agricultural employers only to be betrayed and exterminated by sadistic psychopaths and the ethno-political sociopaths they serve.That the current President derogatorily referred to white SA citizens as frogs to be boiled slowly not only,proves his prejudice and vile racist hatred,echoes some of the torture tactics employed but also alludes to his knowledge and approval of the strategy of long-term subjugation and elimination of whites from SA society in complete breach of the multi-cultural,inclusive,liberal trope still being pandered.Have no illusions that SA is undergoing a methodical,clandestine genocide of a minority section of the population in accordance with universally reprehensible terror and dispossession campaign with enough evidence to obliterate any plausible deniability of the inhuman beastly perpetrators.I am left physically nauseous of the shithole SA and it's proof of being a "killzone" and evil,parasitic so-called society.May God comfort the victims and their families and Christ punish the monster villains into oblivion.

  3. Dineo Molapo

    you know this song is so old peter mokaba used to sing in the eighties they were never afraid but they take it seriously

  4. Stuart campbell

    Congratulations Ernst on the release of your book i hope it wakes people that can make a difference up i do agree with Afriforums message but now it's time to start making this government take note that enough is enough either they come out and openly say they want to kill all whites or put a stop to this there can no longer be fence sitters imo

  5. South Efrikan

    You need to move, before you are another statistic. Please join us in the UK, US, and Australia before more people die.

  6. saozzie

    Goeie werk Ernst. Gaan dit ook op Amazon as n e-boek beskikbaar wees? Ek dink dis baie belangrik sodat soveel mense as moontlik dit kan lees.

  7. missy white

    Would love an English translation of this message and others as well. We appreciate the work you are doing and are anxious to support you.

  8. Eenheid is Krag

    Courageous report by a courageous author ! Congratulations, Ernst Roets ! Can´t wait for the outcome amongst international audience … Ignoring the relevance of this book will be the height of hypocrisy and cynicism ! …

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