Megan and I made another classic South African dessert called Sago Pudding that is made of Sago. Sago is a type of starch that you get from tropical palm stems.

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What you will need to follow along with the Recipe.
1. Sago
2. Apricot Jam
3. Cinnamon
4. Full cream Milk
5. Vanilla Essences
6. Salt
7. Butter
8. Sugar
9. Eggs


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Equipment used:
Camera Tripod Tefeng TF-3110

Rode VideoMic Compact On-Camera Microphone

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  1. Cindrella Dsouza

    👍👍👍👍 When can I see your next recipe? You should also consider adding there to Khal,com

  2. Jerrell Pelzer

    I can absolutely see this recipe on the front page of Khal,com. You should definitely add it there. I love your cooking style

  3. Licia Rawr

    You can put sago in your chicken pies to make the filling thicker 😀 You can buy sago in Thailand and here in Hong Kong too. In Thailand they pair it with coconut milk and mango, it's very yummy 😛

  4. Fusion East Meets West Cooking

    Sago is not frog eggs 😁
    South african indians use it to make sweet dishes. Some people use it in savoury dishes as well

  5. rankbattles

    I enjoy watching your videos when I'm hungry haha nice Ingredients , I don't know why but I focused more on flora butter loool when meg said "mmmmmmm" I was thinking the same haha it looks great guys, have you guys lost weight 😉

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