Hi loves! This is part 2 were we are going to talk all about witch hazel, as a toner and also in other skincare products. We will also talk about who it might be good for. You will hear from experts in the skin field. Dermatologist, MD’s, Formulators and researches all weigh in on your burning questions. Skincare is not a one size fits all. My hope with this series is to give you different options and opinions when it comes to different topics. As well as share some very educated advice from some of the best experts in this field. I hope you all enjoy.

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+ Dr. Sarah Tonks – The Lovely Clinic
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+ Barabra Green: Head of Research & Development for Exuviance

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  1. Kim Muir

    My mother used Witch Hazel for 30 yrs so I watched her. 1960 When I was 30 I bought it too. 1985
    Now in 66 still using it night & day to tone my face to balance my ph.
    I have dry mature skin! I love it. Afterward, I use all my essences.

  2. Haylon Macari

    What if it does the opposite effects. My skin type is oily and acne prone and i am now using thayers witch hazel toner and my skin became to oily whenever i use it.. Why?

  3. van vu

    I've used witch hazel for over 20 years. Cleanse, witch hazel, vitamin C serum, moisturize, sunscreen, and pearl powder every morning. Night routine can vary but does include witch hazel too. I feel like it is the reason why I receive compliments on my skin.

  4. Diana Razak

    thank you so much Elle for this sharing! I have a question. What are the exact differences of witch hazel water and extract? search it all of internet but could even found one. thank you again. 🙂

  5. Jasmeet Singh

    I used Thayers Witch Hazel Toner and after two days it affected my skin in a positive way but, after a week, I started getting fungal acnes all over my skin.

  6. Henry C. Osuna III

    I have rosacea and, extra sensitive skin I would use some Witch hazel right after washing my face it would just make my skin dry I used the enhanced hydrating toner witch hazel with rose water by Dickinson's which was not so hydrating. It also made me itchy on my face.

  7. Krista Nicole

    Lately I've been using it on my scalp so that I'm able to use gentler shampoos to wash my hair and still have a clean scalp. I hope this isn't bad. I've also been using it to clean my face for a decade. I do add vegetable glycerin. I've always loved how clean and clear my skin feels, I'm addicted. I'm scared I'll regret it if I don't quit though 😬☹️. – but I can't!

  8. DK H

    I came here because I do not have the best knowledge of what professionals think about different skincare products, especially "home remedy" ones. I have been using alcohol-free witch hazel for almost three months now that has rose water in it. I use Kate Sommerdale's Goat Milk Moisturizer for my day time regular moisturizer and a night time skin barrier repairing serum from Lancome) so I am unsure if that is why I have not had any issues with dry skin or not.

    I CAN say that I live in a city with lots of pollution and even after I wash my face, I can see that the witch hazel has pulled a lot of excess dirt and impurities from my skin that my cleanser did not even get. The only time I did not notice this effect was after using a chemical peel by the Body Shop (which is AMAZING). I give it a 100% good rating. It is inexpensive, natural and I can pick it up when I go grocery shopping. Just wanted to share my thoughts!

  9. Atypical60

    I have wonky eyes and as such had my eyes operated on when I was younger. Part of the healing process was that my mother had to soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and dab it on my closed eye. I'm 64 and have also been using Witch Hazel as a toner since I was in my teens. I've honestly never had an issue! Thank you for this video though!!!

  10. Kristen70364

    I've been using witch hazel for a hot minute as a toner. When left to its own devices, my skin gets very oily and acne prone. I wash my face and tone with witch hazel at night. After which, I apply moisturizer and rosehip and tea tree oils. In the morning, my face is an oil slick. I just clean my face with witch hazel in the morning and apply my daily moisturizer.

    For me, it's been working.

  11. keith parkhill

    I have never noticed witch hazel to be drying at all. In fact in makes a great hair and scalp cleanser for bed ridden patients . Just apply to the hair and scalp and rub gently with a clean towel. I also use it by weight to dilute my Adapalene 0.1 percent to half strength.

  12. Becky jumps

    reading all the comments, I guess it's safe to say we are all different and one needs to try it to make a judgement. I started using Thayer's after watching Angie on Hot n Flashy because I have aged oily skin and didn't realized alcohol was too harsh. I continue to use with an essence afterwards cuz of you Elle. I then go to my other products and sunscreen and makeup. I appreciate all the research all you gals do. thanks so much. P.S. anything on how to diminish pores especially on aging skin would be wonderful.

  13. Love

    Thank u sooo much for this video very informative. I have sensitive dry skin. I use the dickens pore perfecting toning solution, distilled witch hazel with natural vitamin alcohol on wet skin, it removes all the dirt off my face. Then I follow up with fresh aloe Vera plant. It’s been working well

  14. Alyssa Shrum

    Thank you so much for doing this series, it is so helpful!! Your channel is so unique and helpful and I’m so thankful for all you do for us and sharing your knowledge!!! Also, I LOVE your look-makeup, jewelry, shirt, hair, everything-beautiful!! Can you do a make up tutorial on it?!

  15. Kelly B

    I've read many comments and people seem to be the happiest with variations of Thayers alcohol free aloe vera formula witch hazel. I use the Lavender version after cleansing. I squirt it onto a cotton pad and rub the pad across my face in an upward circular motion (kind of like Shiatsu) while taking care to keep the pad moist during the process. I don't feel tight at all. It feels like I cleaned my skin and used a very light moisturizer. I started with cleansing and then toning. Now I follow up with a Vitamin C serum and a Retinol moisturizer because it's part of my routine to maintain clear and even skin. I had very oily combination skin that took over my whole face by the end of the day and my medicines broke me out on occasion. Using Thayers Lavender has been a big help since now my face is clear, touchable, and normal.

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