[Video đánh giá] Which is the Best Scar gel? (Old Video)

(Updated Scar Video shot 2020 here:

Question from Iman: what scar treatments exist out there? I have had surgery and want to try anything that might help!

In this video I bust myths around Vitamin E, the antioxidant; discover silicone gel sheets; learn about compression/pressure therapy and that humble paper tape.

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20 Replies to “[Video đánh giá] Which is the Best Scar gel? (Old Video)”

  1. I did a mole removal remedy with apple cider vinegar and it left a flat pink scar I'm using equate scar gel on it hopefully it works soon

  2. Love the video! I have a 4 year old scar on top of my dimple on my face (😥) from a cyst. Would would you say would be my best option? Thank you in advance!!

  3. Hi I fell down when I was about 8 (now 15)and got a scar on top of my nose and was wondering which is the best possible product for my scar as it really affects my confidence.

  4. Silicone sheets will only work on a scar that is still red. If the scar turns white, no products will work as the epidermis has grown over the scar, making all topical products useless.

  5. I had s 8 y/o scars little scars on my legs how can I remove it? 🥺 Because of this scar I don't have the confidence to wear shorts can you give me help🥺

  6. hi i have scars from insect bites, and i know that scars are beautiful, but sometimes it affects my confidence, what's the best product to use?

  7. Can u buy these over the counter or so u need a script for some ? Just starting the video so hopefully he says but not sure yet

  8. Good morning sir, I want to ask one question, my nephew is in now 24 years old, when he was young in 2 years old on his right arm was poured by bean soup pot in accidentally so can remove it which brand is best to remove that big mark one doctor suggests to operate

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