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What exactly makes a poem … a poem? Poets themselves have struggled with this question, often using metaphors to approximate a definition. Is a poem a little machine? A firework? An echo? A dream? Melissa Kovacs shares three recognizable characteristics of most poetry.

Lesson by Melissa Kovacs, animation by Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC.


  1. Desire Poem

    We need poem- to really help today world- that is one reason I started my channel to express different emotion that has been going in my life! The poem is the life of expression!

  2. ff789n10

    I've written hundreds of poems. I can't even count them. Always writing more. It's my great passion. I love reading others' poems too. My great fear is that I'll never be able to share them with an audience, stuck forever in my seclusion, obscure and hidden. Or worse, I will find a way to put it all out there only to be disregarded, rejected, or ridiculed.

  3. AH96

    Troubled nights, I turn my head,
    from the end where I was led,
    looking back on things I've done.
    "Sigh, if only I've had more fun."

    I've played my board. Lost the game.
    When I began, things varied.
    Now, everything feels the same,
    with all the pieces buried.

  4. Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

    Tis thy flame….fear and reign…
    Saddest essence in thy end i tame…
    Sacred cove thy heart refrain….
    Thy battled few and fewer named…
    Solemn oath I will maintain…
    Wisdom is thy winners fame…
    and fewer know that knowledge tames…
    Into the flames few men will reign….
    Tis thy day the battle drains…
    Essence stays for men who acclaim…
    Thy simple pleasure and hearts maintained… swallow pride and vanity… live each day as only good men see…..a Rowl4nd99 poEm…

  5. Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

    A prisms he adores…twilight fights at heavens rights….tis it is in God's wisdom whims, thy crimson cross and sons of God , give their love as its sown.. wept and weep sow thy seed and forgiveness is thy sacred deed…ohhhh towards heaven we bend thy knee.. oh I LOVE YOU GOD AND JESUS CHRIST AND THE REAL SONS OF GOD.

  6. Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

    The temple were thou heart strains…
    The wisdom and freedom to refrain..
    The bliss i need to fill thy void….
    The tears i hold to destroy…
    The pain we feel ebb and grow…
    So throw these seeds…our heartfelt greed…to feel pain thats follows thee and freedom to fly were there is no wants or need….. written by Rowl4nd99 on Instagram

  7. Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

    Thy test of thine
    Whence thy soul is thy mortals grow
    Freedom Flys and bliss that thrives
    A sacred cove and a love fortold…
    A beauty of whims thats is known
    Lonesome tones and rivers sown
    Thy fathomed few…..and twilight cue….now ebb and tone and lonesome stone……..thy heart is what thy hath grown…… written by Rolly Michael Diakiw Rowl4nd99 Instagram

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