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Learn about different kinds of peel off masks and how instantly gratifying they can be with Sephora PRO Artists, Myiesha and Jeffrey.

Products Featured:
boscia: Luminizing Black Mask:
First Aid Beauty: Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay:
GLAMGLOW: GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment:

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  1. Amanda Murphy

    So I LITERALLY just bought the Boscia masque and I"m kind of concerned. When I put it on it wasn't black. I was clear with black streaks….

  2. Meme's Sweet T

    I would love to try these masks . I love to use face masks. I've used the first aid Beauty skin cleansers and I really like the brand . The glam glow is on my wish list. TFS ❤️

  3. Kat Jones

    The app usage button is so helpful. I buy stuff and sometimes don’t know how to use it. Love the how to use it button. Skin care gets confusing.

  4. Kat Jones

    I had to click in. – miesha looked so adorable 🤗 ( sorry I probably spelled her name wrong )I think last years New Years goal was to not need foundation. She rocked it. So cute!

  5. Nunya Bidness

    Honestly, using a masking brush is wasteful (this stuff ain't cheap!) and the Glam Glow Gravity Mud becomes dry and goopy like Elmers glue as you work and can cause a gloppy mess in the brush. Just use clean fingers. Same with the charcoal mask. You can feel the thickness so you can apply a more even layer. Mud and cream masks however are perfect for brushes unless you are worried about waste like me. Just use a clean applicator to scoop the mask from its jar. Brushes are best used for applying masks to others in my opinion.

  6. Rhone Slade

    I gotta say, I have resting bitch face and it sucks to constantly be accused of being upset just on my appearance. It's so obnoxious. So I've taken that into consideration, but in more than one video now I've noticed her responses to him seeming annoyed when it appears he's just trying to make this a fun video. Granted, who knows? He could be a brat off screen. Ha

  7. Annabelle Henry

    My favourite Sephora Pro Combo! Love watching you guys! Makeup tutorial on the makeup look your wearing Myiesha? Please and thank you xo.

  8. Maresa Quinn

    the girl came off a little attitude-y. I would love to see the next step of skin care with serums and moisturizers after doing peel off masks!!

  9. Kisha Anderson

    Great video! I enjoy watching the both of you. Love your nails by the way Myiesha! Using a brush to apply the mask is perfect! I didn't think of that at all. Which brush are you both using? Multimasking is a great way to address those different areas of concern. I can see results in both your skin. he Glamglow mask when it dry pretty. However, I cannot use due to an allergy to one of the ingredients. I found a similar product though. Love you two!!

  10. Cheyenne Ortiz

    i freakin love them ! you guys saying she looks mad need to chillax lol always startin something not even necessary if u watch the tutorials for drama go somewhere else lol just saying

  11. Leafie

    Myiesha I was wondering if you could recommend me a good under eye cream that would decrease my darker under eyes over time. Your help is appreciated.

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