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Unit 7: Television
Listen and Read

Phong: What are you doing tonight, Hung?
Hung: I’m watching my favourite programme – Laughing Out Loud!
Phong: What is it?
Hung: It’s a show of funny clips.
Phong: What channel is it on?
Hung: VTV3 and after that I’ll watch Mr Bean.
Phong: That’s the funny man …
Hung: Yes. Come and watch it with me.
Phong: Oh no …. I don’t like Mr Bean.
He’s awful.
Hung: So, we can watch Tom and Jerry.
Phong: Oh, the cartoon? I like that!
Hung: Who doesn’t? I like the intelligent little mouse, Jerry. He’s so cool.
Phong: But Tom’s funny, too. Stupid, but funny.
Hung: Yes. Can you give me the newspaper on the desk?
Phong: Sure. Do you want to check the TV schedule?
Hung: Yes. Look ….

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