[Video đánh giá] The Truth About Fresh

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Why I Don’t Like Fragrance In Skin Care:

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40 Replies to “[Video đánh giá] The Truth About Fresh”

  1. ALSO (bc my dumbass always forgets): Fresh is not cruelty free or Vegan. Thank you for reminding me to include this guys! I need to do better at remembering in future videos ❤️

  2. I just watched this and I can’t stop laughing. You’re literally so funny. But thank you so so much for this review!! I was thinking twice about the soy face cleanser!

  3. DANG IT. I got the travel size of the Kombucha essence and I have been really enjoying it and having no problems with it (besides price), but I have about 1/3rd left and the pickle juice ruined me. I HATE PICKLES.

    I did order the Innisfree fermented soybean essence as a replacement tho the other day … so. We’ll see.

  4. I have the essence and leave me feel tight" i will switch for a fragrance free essence,i do use the rose mask and like. Kiehls essence also has fragrance and alchohol so to the garbage it goes.

  5. For a moment i thought i accidentally make this vid 2x speed. I'm amazed with Hyram's rap on skincare 😆 new subscriber here

  6. well i’m glad that the only product i own by them happen to be your favorite lol, will you please do a video about farmacy !! and possibly a video about bali-balms.

  7. Eight months later to the vid
    The rose toner, the rose deep hydrating cream, the rose mask and the soy cleanser gave me a baaaaaaad reaction.
    The rose lip balm is great but not worth 22 €. Don't buy their Christmas sets.

  8. Hyram says there’s a lot of fragrance in fresh but I use it and honestly I don’t smell it but thats prob bc I’m so used to it and/or I have rlly bad sense of smell

  9. I don’t like fresh specifically because they are really shady about their cruelty free status. They claim to be cruelty free, but the sell in China, and will only admit that their products are tested on animals as a result of that if you email them. Th it are not upfront at all about it and I’m not ok with it

  10. I used to buy this brand and love it but after use it for long my skin started to feel sting especially on my cheeks. I also feel that it’s expensive bt for skincare i would splurged on it thinking it will make my skin better. Luckily i stop using it already due to the skin irritation i felt knowing that my skin is not suitable for this.

  11. I bought Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, used it for the first time and my face was SCREAMING, LITERALLY! I had to return it the next day. 😪😆

  12. What are your thoughts about the fresh rose moisturizer?? I’ve used that before and it did amazing with my skin but want to know your thoughts.

  13. i tried getting theprimera essence but they sold out and the sephora guy told me that I should get the fresh kombucha one not the black tea idk I'm sad bc I wasted money then

  14. In general I’ve always felt that fresh was very expensive for what it is. The ingredients are generally not all that impressive, the packaging is just very pretty! I bought that $68 age delay eye cream when I wanted to splurge on a nice caffeine eye cream and wow, waste of money. I wouldn’t say that it is just a horrible product in terms of the actual product but it works no better than the eye creams I’ve tried that are generally in the $30-40.

  15. I have been using the fresh spy face cleaner religiously for years I absolutely love it and a 400ml bottle is only like 30 bucks. I also splurged on the lotus youth preserve eye cream and night cream as well as the rose deep hydration face cream and the eye cream and night cream are both really nice the night cream leaves my skin soft and supple and the eye cream makes my under eyes look nice and moisturized! I do agree with you on the brand being soooo expensive I would like to see a price drop in the products themselves because I spend a lot of money on my skincare and would like to spend less. My favorite mask at the moment is by innisfree and it’s the pre clearing clay mask with super volcanic clusters And it’s a MAGICAL product for my dirt attracting pores I’d actually love for you to do a review on the innisfree brand and give us your opinion on it!

  16. i got the rose face mask as a sample…i used it once and woke up the next day with eight (8) pimples…the only product i use is the soy face cleanser now

  17. Alright…. this is my 11th skin care video to try and start taking care of my skin…. im overwhelmed at this point. Im just going to continue washing my face with my body wash, smoking cigarettes and staring at the sun. Because fuck it.

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