Episode 102 – Let’s take a look at the first Playstation console and a bunch of its games! What are some of your favorite games on the Playstation 1?

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  1. CardSharpHS

    "This is really the only Ridge Racer game you even need to have on the system". I'm a super hardcore Ridge Racer fan and Type 4 is easily the worst of the PS series. The story mode isn't the plus point it may first appear, leading to much tedium and the more numerous tracks and cars can go to hell when the exciting gameplay of past entries is absent – replaced with a much more sedate pace – and the challenge is practically non-existant. The visuals, atmosphere and chilled music are awesome and I still like the game but in pure gameplay terms it’s definitely a let down after the first three. Honestly, only Ridge Racer 6 on 360 is worse overall. And mostly for the same reasons – repetitious cups, dumbed-down drift mechanics and far too easy.

  2. Tom Kristensen

    The PlayStation is on of my all-time favorite consoles. It's the first one I bought with my own " hard-earned" money my first game and my favorite fighter was Soul Blade a great fighter that had it all graphics gameplay great full story and characters, one of the few fighters i played were the small cast did not ruin the fun. There were crash spyro Tomba and more but a not to often mentioned is croc, my cousins had it fun game and fun fact were suppose to be a Yoshi game but Nintendo did not like so developer's had to hall ass and redo designs and sell it as something else. Another game i don't hear mentioned much is Ronin blade think a mix of resident evil and the way of the samurai great fun. Beat em up had gekido crisis beat and more but my fav at least when I was on my own was tai fu wrath of the tiger. A beat em up with a cliche but good story with a fighter that learns more animal fighting styles as he defeats the bosses of the levels. Or shaolin a game where you start with a fighting style of your choice and as the game continues you fight other styles learn and grow in both technic and body.

  3. Ezequiel Gomez

    Sony PlayStation was my very first video game console on my childhood in 2004 when I was 3 years old included game with the system Namco Museum Vol.1

  4. Pixel8453

    PS5: i'm the best console ever!
    PS4: no i am!
    PS3: my hd graphics make me better than all of you!
    PS2: i'm better!! stop arguing!
    PS1: y'all are youngsters

  5. Thomas Wagner

    At first i thought, these were another Saturn games and the reason why i don´t pick the Saturn. But wait, these were Playstation games… I understand that tastes differ between countries, people and ages, but c´mon, we know why people bought the Playstation. Most want that more realistic, mature looking stuff and that good clean multiplayer games. Me and most of my friends wasted our time in racing games like gran turismo, need for speed , test drive 5, colin mcrae2, action games like driver, gta, medal of honor, tekken, tomb raider, destruction derby, tony hawk, metal gear solid, die hard trilogy, ace combat, wipe out, resident eval or stuff like command and conquer, worms, track and field, final fantasy, curse of baphomet or civilization. Sure, a mainstream pick, but i´m sure these are the fond memories we are talking about.

  6. Matt Zee

    …late to the party here.
    Ps1 ridge racer, I just open lid, put in metal cd, then game plays it. (My music, during gameplay)
    Hopefully i just won a xbox x or ps5 for telling you about this, but a ryzen 7 3700x cpu, b550 mb, 3090 rtx gpu would also be nice…

  7. mike bigelow

    I read in video game mags that the sega satern was being dropped because of sales and lack of game recognition..
    So I sold mine before others found out its being discontinued and got good money for my system and 5 or 6 games and turned around and got a P.S. because all the games I wanted to play and franchises I was familiar with were all on sony and Sony was gonna go strong for 2 or 3 more years.. helped keep my money moving so I didn't get stuck with d/c 'ed console and loose alot of value…

  8. Eric , The

    I recently played Syphon Filter and although good, the controls took some getting use to. I still have a few of the Playstation Underground demo discs from back in the day. Since we were not rolling in cash those were the only games that I got to play aside from renting and borrowing. I had a few games at the time but that was it for a while.

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