hii guyss this is my experience using this product.
let me know your thoughts

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  1. Charito Galo

    I really need help please can you tell me the exact smell of this peel solution
    I bought my one but smell like a perfume so I'm scared maybe this is fake please waiting for your response

  2. Saphire Dairano

    Wow I can definitely see a difference in you're skin! I appreciate this video so much and how real this is! You put time and effort into it and I love that thank you 🥰

  3. yo_ moonchild

    You Are not supposed to put on that much. This is chemical and cause chemical burn if you put on that much, it’s very dangerous. Also you waste a lot of product because putting on more than two drops will more likely make it worse than better c:
    I usually do max. Three small drops, so than you can barely see the red colour of this product.
    Hope this helped ^^

  4. Jiminmochi 1

    I agree with what some are saying, When you use a product and you break out it’s not a bad thing. My face is very delicate, all my years no product ever worked for me, it just made my skin turn red. When I used this product it caused me to breakout bad, not as bad as her but I did start to get new pimples, I thought it was bad but after some time they started to disappear and my face felt free, it felt like it could breathe again. After that I stopped messing with my skin, stopped using products and just started to wash it carefully with a bar of soap and I used to make myself a mask with aloha Vera .

    That’s another tip, if you do not have pimples, if your skin is not bad, if you only have 1 pimple don’t go and buy stuff like this. DONT go buy a bunch of products, these products are strong and can mess up your face.

    My cousins face used to be so beautiful, it was so clean and smooth. She had what many called “Glossy skin”. Her skin was goals, I was always jealous of her skin, she never used makeup cause she looked good without it. I wanted my skin to look like that. Then she got like 2 pimples on her face and lets just say she fucked her whole face up. She started using products from left to right and now her face is full of breakouts and they don’t go away, they damaged her skin. It has been almost 5 years and her face did clear up a little but it’s not the same. Therefore I advise you, if you don’t have that many breakouts don’t use too many products. Sometimes people breakout because they might not be eating healthy, because they are not cleaning their face, sweating too much, etc. You don’t need to buy a bunch of products.

    Now these products do work and if you feel your skin getting irritated, or start to peal off. I suggest you stop using it because that could mean you’re using it too much. So use it less. You have to take precautions when it comes to handling your skin specially your face. Just cause you popped one or two pimples doesn’t mean you have to buy a product and put it all over your face. It can just make things worst

  5. Ezra Risheen Calunod

    Try using it with their niacinamide 10%, retinol and the glycolic toner. But make sure not to use the glycolic toner and retinol the same day you are using AHA BHA. Your skin did improve a lot

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