YourGoodSkin Blemish Clearing
Equate benzoyl peroxide gel
PCA skin pigment gel (+HQ)
PCA skin pigment gel (-HQ)
Neutrogena light therapy
Cosrx pimple patches
Bioclarity 2% BHA

💜Sunscreens for oily/acne prone skin
EltaMD UV clear
Kanebo Allie
Rohto Skin Aqua
Isehan UV Cream  
Altruist SPF 50
Neutrogena clear face
Eucerin Daily Protect SPF 30
Cerave AM
Solbar Shield
Cetaphil Oil Control SPF

💜Moisturizers for oily/acne prone skin
Vanicream lite lotion
Eucerin daily hydration lotion
Eucerin skin calming cream
Cerave moisturizing lotion
Curel fragrance free moisturizing lotion
Cliniderm moisturizing lotion
DML moisturizing lotion

💜Skin care products I am using/show/mention
EltaMD UV sport
EltaMD UV lip balm
Maybelline mascara
Exuviance Sheer Daily Protection
Colorescience Face shield
Colorescience 3 in 1 eye
Colorescience body SPF
Cerave healing ointment
Kose Softymo
Cerave Cleanser
Deep Dive water cream
CerAve cream
Seventh generation hand soap
Attitude hand soap
Kerasal foot ointment
Olay Complete Daily Defense SPF 30
Clinique SPF50 mineral susncreen

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  1. Adam Tusk

    I never knew what the benefit of a toner was. I just knew that it was required in skin care routines when they got popular on YouTube so I specifically bought the witch hazel toner. To this day mine is still almost a full bottle cause I don’t use it. I use it if I go outside and the way I use it is after I cleanse my face, where I pour a few drops in my hands and rub it onto my damp face and let it dry. Next time I use the witch hazel I’ll wash it off like you do lololol but idk if there’s a visible difference when I use it at all

  2. KC Ilagan

    Thayers Witch Hazel has helped me in clearing my psoriasis lesions. I used to apply it multiple times a day but the product's quite expensive so I wasn't able to maintain it. The other versions weren't as effective as the original.

  3. Lindsey J

    Funny you mention this because I just bought the cucumber facial mist yesterday and I have been wanting to try it for a while. I always start my routine with micellar water to surface clean and then go in with my cream acne wash then lastly spray on the mist. I do get redness on my cheeks and mild inflammation from clogged pores or what have you. Not bad by any means but just something I have had throughout my life. This mist really seems to be a good last step to balance my skin and smooth everything out. Plus it soaks in wonderfully. I also use it as a quick refresh during the day and it does help. I enjoy the refreshing smell and although I understand your advice I am going to keep using it because of the good things I am seeing. It is nice to have something natural like witch hazel after Salicylic acid. Definitely finding it soothing 😊

  4. Natanael Rendon

    I recently bought they thayers lavender witch hazel and I used it for the first time and my skin started burning and started creating bumps on my face they look like acne soo should I stop using it ??

  5. Justin Vrana

    I was wondering if you had a suggestion for a aftershave for men with dry and sensitive skin that is fragrance free? Also, possibly a shaving soap for wet shaving? It would be greatly appreciated?

  6. Sweenece

    So seaweed… what's the deal with seaweed being an ingredient. Bioclarity said it has some, Voya beauty has it as it's main focus. Seavite is another. Would love to know

  7. Erika Martinez

    I was at the store earlier was going to buy witch hazel but I decided to check what Dr Dray had to say about it I was watching a video in the middle of Walmart 😂… And yup I took it out of my shopping cart. 🤗👍

  8. Yessica Wills

    I wash my face every morning and ever nite. After I wash my face I use witch hazel facial toner and my acne is clearing up tremendously. My face is brighter and my acne is clearing up. Rarely any breakouts even when my period comes.

  9. quarantinexaznh0ttie

    I started using witch hazel as toner for the past few days and my face started breaking out yesterday morning and it seems like an allergic reaction. It’s just strange because I’ve never experienced anything like this before so I’m trying to figure out what to do exactly to get rid of this rash. Will it go away on it’s own?

  10. Kuan sakurai

    omg i wish i’d watch this earlier! I don’t know the reason why but once i put on their witch hazel with rose water it stinks and my face would go red and painful. And now I still have a whole bottle left 🙁

  11. Amber Frazier

    About the dog: I bet if you start off at a normal pace and pick it up so slowly that he doesn’t notice your picking up the pace he may just keep with you. But when you just jolt off he takes it as a challenge and thinks your racing. You may have dominance issues later as he gets older I suggest reading “ be the pack leader “ by Cesar Milano

  12. celenne

    i hate this toner i have oily sensitive skin and i tried the lavender one because i heard it was good for acne but i ended up getting these rashes/burns (?) under my eyes and on my cheeks and my skin just kept flaking off it was terrible

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