Today I am sharing the reason why I stopped using my absolute favorite Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner after 2 years of continuous use.

For those of you who don’t know, Witch Hazel is a plant extract that has astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. It is used to help with multiple skin conditions including acne. I started using this product about 2 years ago and thought it was the absolute best product I had ever tried. I recommended it in sooo many of my videos because of how hydrated and soothed it made my skin feel. It also helped with healing a lot of my acne! So why did I stop using this product if it had sooo many benefits??? Watch and find out.

COMMENT BELOW what your experience with witch hazel is/was like!

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or an esthetician. I am just a skincare enthusiast who likes to try out a lot of skincare! This video states my personal opinions and experiences. Please consult your local dermatologist to see if witch hazel is right for you.


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Is Witch Hazel Good For Your Skin? by Dr. Dray
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Everything You Need to Know About Witch Hazel (Harpers BAZAAR Article) by Madge Maril

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THAYER’S Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner in Cucumber

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  1. vectory glory

    after i watched your video , i think im gonna make a minor change in my routine , i will switch using it from a daily use twice a day to 3 times a week once , because i started to notice that my skin is becoming more sensitive than before ( i have been using it for one month )

  2. 데이지Daisy

    My skin has always been acne free and redness free but a few days ago I saw my whole face had tiny red/purple dots and was freaking out cause I’ve never experienced this ever!!! So I’m thinking it’s cause of the this product 🥺

  3. Ackerman Heichou

    I've been using this product for almost a year, it helped my face to slowly eradicate acne breakouts. I never had bad encounters from using it. Maybe it varies from skin type that we have. I personally have combination to oily skin.

  4. Kay Toh

    honestly I’ve been usingThayer’s for like 3-4 years and I didn’t really have any reaction mentioned. I heard that it wasn’t too popular and I was so confused. I watched many videos and I feel like it really didn’t leave anything on me and had benefits instead. I might be less sensitive to witch hazel but this is just my own experience with witch hazel.

  5. K r

    Have you tried apple cider vinegar toner? I am 31,been making my own acv toner and using thayers witch hazel toner since i was 18. I use the acv toner every morning and night. Great for use on body as well. Really helps with acne and makes skin lighter and brighter. I use the thayers every now and then, mostly as a refresh in the day or right after i shower instead of using the acv toner. Acv toner: use braggs brand acv and pure filtered water. Mix one part acv to two parts water. Apply to skin with cotton pad.

  6. tiki english

    Amazing video. I'd been using Thayer's for close to two years and it worked great at first but for the last few months I'd been noticing my skin looking very textured and bumpy and this could be the reason. And I'm sure it's drying out my skin. I'm gonna stop using it and switch to something else. I've heard good things about Heritage store rosewater toner

  7. yzell g

    also i just started using cucumber witch hazel should i use it 3 times a week monday wedneday friday? and the main reason im using it is to get rid of my dark spots and bumps i have

  8. SC

    This happened to me! just that it caused me texture… many bumps all over the face and i was so sad because when i cut it out my skin started to recover! i was going to buy the Purito toner next but! it has witch hazel on it as well… so i think no xd

  9. Jacqueline Kwang

    Try to fix ur skin from inside not only on the top of the skin. Cuz if ur inner body system not fix, then no matter what you use on ur face, it’s not gonna forever change it.

  10. pearlie suarez

    This video made me click the subscribe button. I loved it! I think you are a nice person judging from the way you talk and the tone of your voice. ❤️

  11. I am the daughter of the king

    I used Dickinson witch hazel made my skin super red. I going to throw it off. I don’t wash my face during showering, because it will cause more pimples. I love this video.

  12. Rocío Ag

    I used that toner for years, I started using it when I was 16 and now I am 24. It was a holy grail for me until Thayers changed the formula. The second ingredient used to be aloe vera juice, and now it is witch hazel extract, so the old formula used to be much more gentle and soothing, with the properties of witch hazel much more diluded. Now it irritates my skin and my eyes, such a pity…

  13. R. Erik Weigand

    Hydrogen Peroxide can be very helpful with that acne, it has helped me a lot over the last few months. Acne is caused by "Demodex Mites or Scabies Mites". Yes the peroxide, can feel very uncomfortable, "At First" but it is actually very effective, and as the unwanted materials are extracted, the pain becomes less and less, think of it like "Scrubbing Bubbles" or an Effervescent Denture Cleanser. The severe pain is an indication of the level of infection/infestation, the longer it is applied the more effective it will be. Long time and much volume of the liquid is the most effective. Start out with 3 -4 minutes, 3-4 times per day, as the material is removed the pain will become less and less, for me now the cleansing sensation feels "Good", If one just gives a quick wipe it's just painful and somewhat ineffective. I'm about to begin a treatment of; Cocoanut oil infused with tea tree oil.
    Do some research into Demodex Mites and scabies.
    Thanks for the Great info. Good Luck and Many Blessings.

  14. Christian M

    This vid made me subscribe. First time I see you and seem so true and honest. Love how nice and genuine you come across. Thanks for teaching me how to use witch hazel literally just bought that product yesterday in a rush and regreted it. But I remember using this when my skin was at its best. So I’ll just have to use it very minimally and then wash off EVERY time. For two days in the week to stay safe. I agree, I used to be really red out the shower but never knew why. Ahhhhhh!!!! 💕💕

  15. Meaghan Murphy

    i just started using this toner a few months ago and have had a few red patches on my skin. I think this explains it!
    Do you use a different toner now, or did you just take that step out of your routine? 😊 thanks for the video!

  16. Jamie B.

    Sounds like you might have stripped your moisture barrier (especially if you're using a higher ph cleanser AND with any water warmer than lukewarm). Also, have you tried the unscented Thayers? It also contains aloe vera filet.

  17. shasha isaacman

    i experienced the same thing after a month of using thayers witch hazel rose petal . the red rashes come out at the chin and it make me so stress but i still keep using it . i thought it was because of my cleanser .. so i change my cleanser and the red rash still appear with a big red acne from my forehead till my chin . it was very irritating and painful . after i stop using thayers my skin back to normal. Btw , hye 👋🏽 im from malaysia

  18. Kara Smith

    Thanks for the in site! I was just researching products to start my own skin care. I will definitely be careful when I use it! Once again thanks a bunch!

  19. Jing W

    For me as a female I need to change the products I use during a month since my skin is constantly changing according to when my period is. Important for the skin to keep up to the hormones.

  20. Nanna0708

    Please please don’t use hot showers. PLEASEEE. So bad for your skin. Lukewarm water only. And they don’t need to be long. My showers are literally 7 minutes long and that’s with lathering my hair twice. Naturally I turn the water off while I wash the hair. Please guys be more environmentally conscious.

  21. Sashy's Beauty

    Thank you for sharing your insights about this toner and about witch hazel in general. I was going to buy one with witch hazel but now I'm scared lol. The one I love using is Neutrogena Alcohol free toner. A light blue bottle. 🙂

  22. Mrs. Wood

    Ok so question for you: how in the world do you always know when a product causes issues or helps you?? You seem to always be able to pinpoint the skincare or makeup product that causes breakouts or sensitivity. I just slather my face with whatever and pray for the best lol.

    I've had acne since elementary school but only got into skincare for real about 5 years ago, I know my skin has dramatically improved but I can't pick out a single item and say "this helps my breakouts".

    Anyways, I used Thayers Witch Hazel for 3 or 4 years and never noticed a difference but kept using it since the ingredients sounded good. I stopped around February because I finished a bottle and didn't want to repurchase since I don't think it does anything for me.

    Do you watch Beauty Within? Ever since I watched a period skincare video from them I've been paying attention to how my skin looks based on where I'm at in my cycle and I'm trying to follow a routine based on my hormones lol. I think it'd be a really cool video idea for you if you're interested. You basically stick to certain ingredients different stages of your cycle to prevent acne. The video was called "what does your period really say about your skin". Def recommend!!

  23. Kath

    i also stopped using Thayers at the end of last month since I also read that it can overstrip your face. I think, I also used Thayers for 2 yrs. sad cause it does wonders for my skin but its time to move on. LOL. i’m now using Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner. 🙂

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