Hey everyone, today’s video is going to be another skincare trial video. I tested out the THAYERS FACIAL TONER and the SIMPLEZA HYALURONIC ACID SERUM for 3-4 weeks and recorded my results. Enjoy!

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Products mentioned:
Thayers facial toner
Simpleza Hyaluronic acid serum


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  1. alyssa jubinville

    I’m using the niacinamide one it helps with dark spots and redness and pores I had bad acne and used it and it went away then I ran out and didn’t get any more and my skin got really bad that’s when I started using it again it’s the best serum ever

  2. Magpie Mirror

    I need to try the other! I use Thayer, its really good! My grandmother swore by witchhazel 🥰
    I work outside so in the summer I will pour some into spray bottle for my back I know gross but….works!

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