In this lesson, you can learn about syllables and stress in English.
Do you know what stress means? It’s one of the most important pronunciation points in English.
When you speak English, do other people find it difficult to understand what you’re saying? If so, you might not be using stress correctly.
Pronouncing words with the correct stress can make a big difference to your English: your English will immediately sound clearer and more natural.

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1. How to Count Syllables 0:40
2. How to Pronounce Stress 2:43
3. Stress in Two-Syllable Words 5:16
4. Stress in Longer Words 7:33
5. Contrasts and Vowel Reductions 11:16

In this lesson you’ll learn:

– What syllables are, and how to count the syllables of a word
– Introduction to word stress
– How to pronounce word stress in English
– How to hear the word stress when listening in English
– Rules for finding the stress of a word in English

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  1. Midas Asmorodono Sosronegoro

    When I was young, why did my english teacher never teach me the most important part of english level like this? He left me confused. Sometimes I learn so much when native english speakers are talking with me, I pinpoint a lot the dos and the don'ts, and I'm like, wow, why their intonation in their pronunciation doesn't sound monotone and flat like mine does? They seem to sing it, and I like it. And right now, I get your video. Thank's, anyway. Never run out of ideas to help us improve our english skill ! Your video is so helpful to many million people who are not native, I'm one.

  2. Kobir kothamala by ali hossain

    Teacher, pls how do I get a Large Book of stressed and unstressed indenting clearly?? Pls help me iambic pentameter to understand by myself?? Pls reply soon.. 🌷

  3. Kobir kothamala by ali hossain

    Your swell lecture about stressed, unstressed syllables and pronunciation I heard spellbound, is undoubtedly deserved to be considered as one of extreme messages to the whole universe.. ❤

  4. Ahmed Oum

    Really it's an interesting lesson. In fact it shows obviously where the stress is and many syllables the word has and finally how to pronounce correctly the word , so let me say thank you for this best video .

  5. Anna Caneva

    Thanks for this lesson it help me a lot for me the most important in my pronunciation is to sound clear and understandable all the time i try to sound as a native english speaker but this is hard process but clear pronunciation is the most important for good communication.

  6. penguin slider573

    Huh? I am 14 in the UK and I never knew about stress, I only just found out in my own time while learning Dutch plurals using stress. Thank you for informing me about this. 😀

  7. Jacob Chu

    A stressed syllable may not have a higher pitch

    On page 21 of English Intonation written by Professor J. C. Wells,
    we see /All of us?
    (a rising tune in which the rise starts from the stressed syllable <All>) and its pitch contour displayed in a multi-linear diagram, in which the last syllable (<us>) is actually the highest pitched, even though it does not carry the word stress. Here the syllable receiving the word stress (<All>) is actually the lowest-pitched in the word-group.

  8. Bond International School Jaffna

    can i get the explanation of following!
    when we syllabicate the word HORRIBLE (hor-ri-ble), the letter "i" was supposed to sound long. because the vowel end sound long. but it doesn't. could you please explain!

  9. Claire Campbell

    Thanks to you guys now I can understand the stress pattern skills in my English exam, especially the final one that is coming soon. I also get to learn how to pronounce better. Definitely going to keep following to improve my English

  10. Joonie Kim

    Ohh! Thx for this. I'm an B1 level student and getting problems in speaking that I don't know which words to stress. My teacher teaches me a lot but she doesn't have a particular time to teach me 'bout stress and I'm wondering after watching the video of my idols interview. They are not native speakers but one of them can speak efficiently and stressed all the words correctly but I can't so I googled it and I found this useful video. I believe that I can speak better than before and I can stress on the words correctly.
    Lots of love from Myanmar.😇😊😊

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