Ian takes a look at Survivor Ultimate for the PC. Could this be the ultimate Survivor game?

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  1. ZZ the Dark

    They really need some sort of 3D,sandbox RPG element tbh like the later Final Fantasy games during the cool off sections before the Challenges. That woulda been great tbh.

  2. Teddy The Broke Bard

    All I remember from survivor is the time a person was helicoptered off the island to a hospital and the time two survivors tied the knot DURING the final vote meaning it did not matter who lost they both got the prize as newly weds

  3. IABI TV

    Infogrames is also the game studio that helped to develop the PC game version of Monopoly that I have on my old Windows XP PC. But it's in Russian on the PC for some reason.

  4. ahniandfriends123

    5:38 apparently that game was actually a mobile game from over a decade into the future that got ported back to the PC by some time travelers. That could explain why the "challenges" were painfully simple.

  5. genuinescorruption

    This should be remade as a multiplayer online game. Tribes could be either randomly generated or hand picked, you're playing against real people in challenges and the camp segments could consist of realistic survival elements and social interactions like the actual show. Adding the ability for players to program their own islands and challenge games would go even further towards spicing things up. Nowadays a great Surviver simulator is more than possible.

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