Chris Stuckmann reviews Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for the PS4.


  1. Vertutame

    I just realized something about Jedi doesn't allow Jedi to have lover or something and Chris was like "that doesn't make any sense"
    And I though that's kinda right, cause you can't really have your own jedi kid that's born of Jedi then…
    Wait… you can just get out of Jedi thing and have a kid then you can decide you you want to send your kid to train them.
    It's like a school and require focus and meditation so love or anything else will just making you lose that focus.
    Do they ban joining back after getting out?
    I don't know much of starwars lore about this part.

  2. Dan

    As a souls vet. Knowing what they wanted the combat to be like. Yes it was a problem. They copied the formula. Without proper execution. The mechanics are there but INCREDIBLY rough round the edges. Totally janky and unrefined. There's next to no attack and hit feedback, controls sensitivity is totally out of wack and no way to adjust it. Massive input Lag. Basically it tried to be Dark Souls….. turned out to be Fallen Order. Or Mortal Shell to be generous.

  3. Dan

    This game, story aside was absolute garbage. What a waste of an AAA studios time. Vampyr had better and smoother gameplay and that was low budget tiny studio.

    Typical EA corner cutting (Don't get me with but RESPAWN) EA heads specifically quoted saying they had to put pressure to get it released for christmas sales.

    Only justification for the game is the story was great. We need to stop excusing big studios for mediocre gameplay. It wss created as a soulslike …. yet it had none of the finess and smooth fluid gameplay. It was clunky without the true feedback from attacks. And it was oversensitive with movement with no sensitivity control. Which is just unheard of. Atrocious.

  4. l K l

    Rule one of Jedi fallen order: PARRY

    I think you're gameplay footage would have looked better if you utilized parry and precision dodge! Getting little cutscenes for successfully timing a parry is mwah👌 especially when playing on harder difficulty!

  5. Ruined Jason

    The reason you didn’t like the battlefront games is because they weren’t story based games. They were made so fans could play and fight as their favourite Star Wars characters.

  6. manav bhalla

    Cal is the most relatable SW jedi/protagonist. A nobody stuck in the middle of things much bigger than him. He is no Jedi Master, no Skywalker, no Mary Sue.

  7. fgdj2000

    I played on Jedi Knight and it was the right amount of challenging. This mode makes you really pay attention to what you’re doing and I like that in a game, when I‘m not just autopiloting through it. However, there is a difficulty spike on a certain hellish planet that just got really annoying and I lost close to all my health to regular enemies. It might have had something to do that I had a bit of wine that day… anyway, I eventually decided to change the difficulty to Story Mode for a while and eventually returned to Jedi Knight.

    I really love this game. It also made me check out Battlefront II again, especially since I got the celebration update on a really deep sale on Black Friday. And I have to say, I‘m also having a lot of fun with that game, although more in a smashing action figures into each other kind of way.
    I still think EA is a terrible publisher, but at least with Star Wars they were forced to get their sh** together.

  8. WhatAHero

    Just replayed this, and I think what I love most about it how scaled down it is in the best ways. What I mean by that, is that Cal isn't this super powerful protagonist who has to save the galaxy from the big bad of the story, as Star Wars repeatedly continued to try to do. Cal is powerful, as powerful as a person who is talented and on par with what I would like to think that a normal Jedi Master was. He's not the "Chosen One", isn't the unreasonably powerful Rey, and he has a simple mission that has big potential for the future of the galaxy, but he's not doing what I believe is impossible for a Jedi to do. It makes the game a lot more down to Earth, character focused, and all around more satisfying experience than what I've witnessed in Star Wars media in a long time. When I see Rey being able to do a Jedi Mind Trick a second time, or the oh so laughable Leia flying through Space scene, it really brings me out of the story. After finishing this game, I felt wishing that this had been the new movie of the Star Wars universe.

  9. BenyAU

    Looking back at this review 6 months after I bought the game based on your opinion.

    I feel the same. First time in a long time I've felt giddy about Star Wars.

    I am disappointed though, there wasn't enough 'game' in my opinion though. I've played through it 3 times now (first on Master, last two on Grandmaster, getting hit by a blaster should end you 😉 ). Every time I get sucked in, and every time I finish with a tingle of satisfaction with the ending line of 'So, what now?', followed by bitter disappointed that it was over so soon and there's nothing else.
    The map design was fucking fantastic and clever, especially Dathomirs. But none the less there was only 3 'main maps' and 2 'side maps' so to speak.
    Now a year later, still no hint of DLC, a sequel or anything 🙁

    There were things that I think would really add to the games identity and mechanics. Note I'm deliberately leaving out dismemberment, that should be a thing but it's already beaten to death.

    1. I never felt like I was 'on the run' from the empire. Never felt properly pursued or in danger for hanging around a place for a period of time. Having a 'heat' mechanic that builds based on the more time you spend and damage to the empire you do on one planet would have been great. The higher the heat, the more bad guys and eventually the more specialised they become.
    2. Lightsaber forms/stances. What a missed opportunity, especially for a game like this. Being able to mediate and train at Borgano in other forms to tailor your skills. Implement a holocron, or better yet a force echo mechanic that allows you to discover the roots of another fighting form. You start with the roots of form I and III and can spend points in mastering those forms or learning and mastering others like II (Dookus duelist form), IV (aggressive melee, acrobatic and force infused), V (balanced, reposte/counter focused) and VI (Balanced Force infused). VII wouldn't fit with Cals temperament. All of these come with changes to parry timing against melee or blasters, stamina and balance, etc.
    Honestly that skill tree would be awesome. If there's a sequel that would be a must. Even jedi outcast had rudimentary forms.

    Then there's the little things. Like being able to spare lives/not destroy everything, you're a former space monk, not space America. Disarming a trooper and letting them run away should be a thing.
    I also wish the enemies were more numerous and less spongy. A fucking lightsaber cuts through almost anything, why can the stormtrooper commander survive a cut across the face? Make me have to deal with more troopers who actually shoot me like they're trying to kill me instead once every second.

    Something that plays into the anti sponge mechanics, the possibility of losing your lightsaber. Yeah you can throw your lightsaber into Ooga Booga but then it gets embedded before turning off and falling on the floor behind the ugly creature. You'll deal a lot of damage, maaaaaybe kill it, but not before it charges you while having no weapon and yeeting you out of existence. Outcast also did this to an extent.

    The boss fights annoyed me because of the spongeness. At times I felt like Anakin and Obi on mustafar but during the final Trilla fight for example, it felt like endless slashes instead of a set of parries and reposte. It didn't feel rewarding or satisfying to score a hit.
    Just had a thought that having a mechanic where you can sense/see flashes of the attack before it happens and therefore respond in kind would be very star warsy. The higher tier the bad guy/force sensitive the more possibilities/overlapping flashes you have to deal with. (This was why old republic jedi flourished and spun their weapons, it overwhelms the opponents ability to anticipate the next attack). Obviously the forms as mentioned above have bonuses/penalties for the ability to sense as well (Form III giving the most accurate flash while form IV gives the least).

    Arggggggh so many possibilities, such a short game.
    Maybe I should get into game design.

  10. Dorian Logan

    Chris was paid to say good things about to this disaster of a game , its boring and not worth the full fk%ng price . Its sloppy come on speak the truth next time, the combat is bad

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