The world of Korean Skin care is amazing….but confusing! There are so many brands and so many products. A lot of gimmiky products and products that no one really needs!

But one website i trust when it comes to their knowledge on the K-Beauty world, is Soko Glam!

Each year they hold the Soko Glam, best of k-beauty awards. And this year the winners were picked by soko glam customers.

So today I am reviewing the most highly rated K-Beauty products from people like you and me!

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Remember that skincare is extremely personal to everybody’s skin. What works for me, may not work for you. But I hope my videos give you some good ideas for products, techniques and Ingredients to try.
Also, i’m obviously not a dermatologist or a doctor, so all opinions on products and anything else i’m presenting, is results and findings from my own experience and research.
And that’s why i’m here, to share my research and my findings that go further than what is said on the bottle or google!
But, everything I present is always a discussion for you to join in with 🙂
If you have any serious skin concerns, please see a dermatologist / doctor.
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Ad Disclaimer : The opinions expressed in my videos are all my own honest feelings. I will only work with brands and products that I truly love and use. Working with brands allows me to invest in my channel and create better quality videos for you guys 🙂

I may also use affiliate links in my description box, linking to products that feature in my videos. Please know that products featured in my videos are never chosen with ‘selling’ or making profit in mind. I make a small commission from any purchases made through my affiliate links 🙂

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  1. MEY LIU

    Just found your Channel, I used benton BHA aloe toner really love it, I used neogen wine pad, innisfree triple care sunscreen, nature Republik aloe vera gel, try many more but mention product are korean skin care I still used until now

  2. LePetit

    Can you PLEASE tell me where you got your ADORABLE Pikachu?! I’m in love with the “sleeve and horror” aesthetic. Sleeze may not be the best term, but it’s the only one I could think of this early. 😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤 @James Welsh

  3. nurul zaty

    Has anyone tried Benton toner and some by mi AHA/BHA ? I don't have acne, i just want to get rid of blackheads. But i don't know which one is better

  4. Sketchy Sketz

    James how are your thoughts about the benton aloe BHA toner? I'm looking for a toner for my oily, dehydrated, acne prone skin (i know, the best combination isnt it😂) i'm torn between the Benton aloe BHA toner, Purito green cantella soothing toner (i think its the name), and Benton green tea toner
    P.s do u have any recommendation for toners similar to those under 20 dollars?

  5. Luke Gardin

    Hi! Just bought the Aloe BHA toner too, and I'm wondering… If I do the Korean Seven-Skin application work the Benton toner, would it increase the concentration of the BHA on skin? If you apply then let almost dry, then repeat, it would build, no?

  6. Martina Wendt

    Hello dear James, I love all of your videos.

    Many thanks to you, they are all explained so interestingly.

    Greetings from Leipzig / Germany, I will never miss a video of you. And good health for you. And everyone else in the US and around the world. 🙂

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