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  1. Miri Lovely

    watch out for purging! my skin was purging within the first two weeks, but that's because pimples form firstly at the deep layer of the skin, so this helped bring everything to the surface to get rid of it. it has helped to brighten/clear up my acne scarring and the hyaluronic acid in it acts as an added benefit to target texture from dehydration! it was worth every penny

  2. Wendy E

    Don't worry about the numbers you matter!! I love the fact that it's not sponsored, it's a breathe of fresh air from the bunch. We down home girl's gotta watch our coins.

  3. Vee

    I love your opinions and your videos make my day or week! Most of the time, I am not necessarily in the market for certain products, but I love your dynamic with mr.honeybadger, and you are such a breath of fresh air! I am saddened that the algorithm hasn't found your ray of sunshine self yet, but in due time it will and more people will find you just as wonderful as your small community does! 💕

  4. Just Tiff

    I have watched you for a couple years. I find all your content interesting and valuable. I hadn't seen any videos lately, but when it popped into my feed today, I was compelled to click! Thanks for the review.

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