As you have seen in my previous vlog, I went to HIRUSCAR product launch where they introduced their range of anti-acne skincare products. Honestly I have tried so many ways to make my acne go away.. or at least reduce it. I was so devastated. I was so down. Like with the other products I found in the market, I was at first so sceptical about this range too. But I guess attending their event really convinced me to actually try their products. With all the infos and facts provided by dermatologist throughout the event, I am even more confident in HIRUSCAR Anti-Acne Skincare products. It is hard for me to actually share about my skincare routine as it might change from time to time, depending on my skin condition. Since a few months back, many of you have seen the awful changes on my face, the acnes and scars I dont usually have. So I’m waiting no more. I have started to try on these products for almost 3 weeks now.

Watch this video carefully as I share more details about the products and also you can stand a chance to win a full set of HIRUSCAR Anti-Acne Skincare 😘😘

State your answer and full name in the comment box down below. 5 lucky winners will receive a full set of products !

Hurry up 🙂

Head to your nearest Watsons Malaysia store or on Watsons E-Store ( to check the products out okay? This range will only be sold at all Watsons stores accross the country.



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  1. Siti Fatimah Jali

    Hi Kak Nisa! My name is Siti Fatimah Jali.
    The hero product of Hiruscar Anti- Acne range is the Hiruscar Anti- Acne Spot Gel.
    The two main ingredients in this product are Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C.
    Salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent which is good for treating acne and pimples. While Vitamin C works to prevents dark spots on our face and it also can retain skin moisture.
    Thank you!

  2. Noor Wahida Amalin Mohamad Hamdan

    The Hero product answer is
    1. Hiruscar Anti-acne Spot Gel
    2. Contain: Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C

    (Noor Wahida Amalin Bt Mohd Hamdan)

  3. Sofia Mohd

    Hi,Nisa (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ.

    The hero product is HIRUSCAR ANTI-ACNE SPOT GEL.

    Two ingredients of the hero product are :-

    1. Salicylic Acid – promote sloughingaway of dead skin cells and unblock pores.

    2. Vitamin C – reduces dark spot from blemish and acne.


  4. Nr.frhndia

    Hi, I'm Nor Farah Nadia binti Ridhuan. I ada skin problems which are acne, blackheads, whiteheads, large pores and also acne scars 😔 my skin condition is oily skin huhu i hope i will win this giveaway 😍

    My answer is Hiruscar Anti-Acne Spot Get which contains salicylic acid and vitamin C ❤

    I really hope that i will win this giveaway because tbh i can't afford a lot of skincare products sbb i still sekolah this year spm, taknak susahkan parents nak mintak duit beli skin care sebab segan, plus muka teruk sbb stress and obviously siapa taknak ada kulit flawless kan so hopefully kak Nisa pilih saya as one of the winners 💕💕

  5. Shera Shero

    Hello Kak Nisa !! My answer is Hiruscar anti – acne spot gel and contains two amazing ingredients Is salicylic acid and vitamin C
    Sarimah binti abdullah

  6. Nurulain Jailani

    Answer: The hero product is hiruscar anti-acne spot gel, and two ingredients in spot gel are salicylic acid and vitamin C.

    Name: Nurulain binti Jailani

  7. purple mochi

    Hi nisa, i feel u girl when muka tengah breakout and org selalu tanya apa jadi dengan muka yada yada yada..

    1) The hero product of hiruscar anti -acne is : hiruscar anti acne spot gel

    2) two main ingredients : salicylic acid and vitamin c


  8. Taca Amin

    Hi my name is Natasya bt Mohd Aminullah. The hero product of hiruscar anti-acne is hiruscar anti acne spot gel which contain salicylic acid and vitamin c

  9. Zulaikha Nizam

    The HERO PRODUCT of Hiruscar Anti-Acne is:
    i) Hiruscar Anti-Acne Spot Gel

    The two ingredients are:
    i) Salicylic Acid
    -treating acne
    -help reducing acnes & pimples' size
    -healing active acnes faster

    ii) Vitamin C (added)
    -retaining skin moisture
    -preventing dark spots & blemishes


  10. athirah azwan

    The hero product of Hiruscar Anti-Acne range is: HIRUSCAR ANTI-ACNE SPOT GEL
    Two ingredients of this product are: SALICYCLIC ACID AND VITAMIN C


  11. zidel zhafiz

    Hero of the product —> hiruscar anti-acne spot gel.
    2 main ingredients —> salicylic acid and vitamin C

    Mohamad hafiz bin mohd rashid

  12. Shazreena Sallehan

    The HERO PRODUCT of Hiruscar Anti-Acne range is:
    Two ingredients of this product are:
    – Salicylic Acid
    – Vitamin C

    Full Name : Shazreena Binti Sallehan

  13. Ummi Shuhaida

    Hero product : Hiruscar Anti-Acne SPOT GEL.
    2 ingredients : Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C

    My skin is oily and acne prone. I've been struggling with acne since ugh God knows when. I really hope i can win this because i want to have a clean skin for my convocation day (which is 1 month from now, 30th Oct). So i really hope i can try this product to have a clear skin. Thank you ☺️🌸

  14. Liyana Athirah

    Hi kak nisa! Thank you for doing this giveaway 😁 the hero product is the Hiruscar Anti-Acne spot gel and the two main ingredients are vitamin C and salicylic acid. I hope i got it right! ✨
    Name: Norliyana Athirah Mohd Nadzri

  15. tenku butang

    Nisa.. makeup Nisa yang ni cantik sangat.. nanti Nisa buat tutorial untuk makeup ni boleh.. honestly cakap.. cantik.. exspecially tang mata tu..

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