I said please okay? So don’t attack me. If you love this product then by all means, continue. But I would be honored if you took the chance to open your mind to this SCIENCE BACKED idea.

TONERS are the topic of conversation today!
What are toners you ask?
ANSWER: They’re watery products that restores the skins pH & preps odd absorption.
This means witch hazel shouldn’t be used as a toner! But don’t freak out, I have some recommendations for you that all skin types can use.


Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

PCASKIN Hydrating Toner

Heritage Store RoseWater Toner


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  1. Stay Real

    I been using noxema, witchel toner, and shea butter for years. I am very close to 50 and I look like I am 30. People comment on my skin all the time and ask to see my ID when I tell my age. But I will try this method because it makes sense what she is saying.

  2. angIe

    im so confused on what products i shoukd be using bcs my skin used to be super oily so i would use products like witch hazel and it didnt really help the oilyness and now in using kinda hydrating skin care products so i think its not as oily anymore 😭

  3. Jojo

    Why is everyone so stressy in the comments? Witch hazel cleanser has been the only thing to fix up my skin, I moisturise super good with serum then a cream after and it’s the only thing that’s worked for me. I hear her and respect her, but this thing has worked for me for years. I believe her but it still works for me, except I’m not all butthurt like most of the comments here, I’m just glad to have gained info, I’m gonna still do my thing, and moving on. No need to get pissy.


    Thank you for your advice in skincare sending all the love your way from South Africa 🇿🇦♥️🖤♥️

    Quick Q: Is it okay to apply a toner with a cotton pad or should I just use my hands?

  5. Liz Meyers

    Love this video! Do you have a suggestion for a daily skincare routine if you’re in a big rush? Meaning what’s the most important things to do if you only have like 5 minutes?

  6. Brittny Cobb

    Thank you so much for this information! It’s so needed now that I’m getting older and want to take better care of my skin. I have a question though, do you use the same toner for each step or different types? Like do you use an exfoliant toner, hydrating toner, etc all during your routine or do you just pick one?

  7. Salahudeen Hussein

    Thanks a lot for the advice. But pls tell me the type of toner that will not make your face brighter but normal because I have dehydrated skin.pls help me I am tied of my face skin care. You are too beautiful and natural…

  8. dade county goat

    Witch hazel is something I use to prepare the skin, and heal cuts. My routine is usually, wash, witch hazel, lotion. Its not a product that you can use on its own.

  9. Vanessa Andaya

    i started using thayers rose hazel toner, and a lot of pimples are coming out of my face, and I'm so concerned about it right now. Can you please help me? I really don't have any idea what to do with this :(( need help

  10. Angela Rogers

    Literally purchased the heritage store toner right when I saw the ingredients list. I was like yes, finally. I saw it during my toner search before watching this video, but the bottle was so loud I just over looked it.

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