In this video I look at how well Plasti Dip holds up against the competion, Rustoleum Peel Coat and Rough Coat, and Duplicolor Custom Wrap. I spray painted 4 old wheels I had and let them sit out for in the elements for over a year! 18 months to be precise. Now we can see how well they hold up and which product is the best!


  1. hdrjunkie

    So you didn’t mount them and drive with them for a year? I think that would have been a better test to see how they held up with dirt, road salt or debris, rain and speed… but good test though. Maybe the flaking and putting were due to not prepping good on those spots??? Paint would have done the same no? Ok enough of my input lol, Thanks for posting!

  2. life long

    Used Peel coat….never had any problems..keep a can in the vehicle for touch ups..Wheels, bumpers, running boards….looks great…long term….no issues. Have a can of plasti dip also…but, Peel coat is so easy to use…..get a can handle, it gives you much more directional control….keep shaking as you's done in minutes..drys fast…


    I agree with karacer the way to show a product review!!!! I am about to do my 2020 F150 rims black and I live in PA also I was just hoping to get a year out of it I figured I would have to do it yearly
    I guess I will see
    thanks again for a great review

  4. chrisopher erwin

    Had Plastidip on my emblems and front grill of my BMW, for 4 years now, haven't needed a touch up yet on the front grill. Im doing my emblems again today. Only the small edges have a couple spots. I cleaned all my surfaces with 91% rubbing alcohol. super easy to use, and the nozzles dont clog on yah

  5. Silv

    Thank you so much for this! Not only for going so in depth and taking such a proper long time to really see the results, but making a really good comprehensive comparison between all the brands.

  6. Robert Bolin

    OK, onto more and some questions if you don't mind. I'm looking to do my bike in a superhero motif (hint, red, blue, and black, and not DC) including a custom seat. Of course, the beast stays in the garage next to my jeep (leaving a motorcycle out in the weather is not good for the mechanicals at all) and I also want to be able to quickly strip off the paint and put the original seat back on should I decide to trade it in. With that in mind, do you think the duplicolor would work well? I ask because there are two particular shades of wet look wrap paint in royal blue and Indy red that I think, with black pinstriping and blacked out any chrome that would look great. But if you think the plasticolor is still the way to go, I'll research their line of Reds and Blues.

  7. Robert Bolin

    Commitment issues? What if you lease your car and would really like to return it for a new lease without paying all kinds of damages for a repaint? Seems to me, peel off paint is the way to customize your leased ride and still stay new every few years.

  8. Jay WhoLovesEveryone

    Were the wheels thoroughly cleaned and treated (brake dust and iron particles removed, etc) BEFORE you sprayed them? If not, this test was sufficient enough for me. For them to come out the way they did if none of the cleaning/prep work done this as very helpful. Thanks.
    EDIT: After going back, I heard you say you cleaned them. With what did you clean them? I am asking because I want to do this but I'm trying to decide which one to use. I thank you so much for doing this test. You are so very helpful. ♥ .•:*¨¨*:•. ♥

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