Hi Beauties! Here’s my review and lip swatches of Romantic Bear Wow Peel Off Lip Colors/Lip Stains (Korean Beauty). These are long lasting, and super cool! I’ve been looking for a lip stain and when I found these peel off lip colors I had to give them a try. Romantic Bear Wow lip colors are AWESOME! Have you tried them? What do you think? Thanks for watching and remember to thumbs up this video, share, comment and SUBSCRIBE! 🙂


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  1. Shadoe Nights

    im so jealous of how good all of them look good on you oml youre so pretty😭 but frfr this is the best review…you dont miss out a single detail and add extra plus try ALL of them…truly a queen🥺❤️👑

  2. IndirA Khana

    Hi like ur presentation but does itcrack or spread after application may be 7 hrs later..except fr orange all the other colours look the same that is magenta and the uppe lip is always liter than below lio

  3. hodayoda

    Hi I spoke to your dad today on the phone helped him place an order. He told me all about your awesome beauty tips and Word Wednesday can't wait to check it out. He's sweet!! I love your tips already tell him I said thanks for telling me about this:) ~Keontae~

  4. Beth W

    I already ordered these from asia somewhere, so i guess i have to wait 2 years till I can try it too! Also, you have such a lovely manner of talking, I found it super relaxing. ❤️

  5. Abby Faith

    I purchased the same pack of six about a week ago, so I have been watching reviews of the product to know how to use it, and yours is the best yet! I'm also so glad you did swatches that way I knew what the colors were like! Thanks for the amazing video!!

  6. Selina Steele

    I have recently brought these and on the packaging of mine it said allow 5-10 mins to dry (it didn't dry in that time!) the timing is very helpful so thankyou for that and your spot on with this product!

  7. goingcrazyoveru1

    if you are allergic to latex ID stay away from this. I'm allergic to latex and I tried to use it and it burned my lips and made my teeth super sensitive. the ingredient that is a main chemical in latex that's in this product is polybutylene

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