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What would you do if your fears were hacked? Observer is a cyberpunk horror game from Bloober Team, the creators of Layers of Fear. Play as an Observer, the new front line of neural police, as you hack into the jagged minds of the insane.

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  1. Zwarlie

    i love this game, but it isn’t perfect. i think it has some really good moments, some you can go the whole game without ever finding. however, i think it would’ve worked way better in VR as the environment looks so detailed it would be really fun to see with VR, but yeah the effects would make me sick lol

  2. Noah Harrison

    I enjoy fps horror games like outlast and stuff like that it's games like outlast and observer that keep the horror genre alive said games are so great because they don't rely on cheap jumpscares to scare the player they rely on atmosphere and tension these types of games like silent hill silent hill games relied on atmosphere and the fear of the unknown much like any good horror game should do games like outlast and observer and silent hill remind us that the scariest monsters come from the human mind

  3. Seth Smith

    The sometimes annoying stealth sequences aside, this is a really transportive, otherworldly experience I'm very glad I got to have. Theres so much style and mood here it just begs to be played again. Very few games challenge the player to completely lose themselves in their world and this is one of them.

  4. Kyle Dupont

    This review is way better than the gs one. I got stuck in the first room where you find the decapitated kid and I was trying to figure out if this game was worth finishing because it's already giving me a headache with the nauseating flipping between different types of vision to look for Clues gameplay. It seems you don't even get out of the apartment building that's really disappointing. I think I'm going to give this one a pass I have so many awesome games I haven't finished like the Witcher 3, res evil 2 and 7, doom, so on and so fourth. I really did like layers of fear though it felt good to actually beat a game in two nights of play I didn't want to stop playing it but this one here is way too frustrating for another 5 hour walking sim

  5. Spirit

    Considering your exact call outs of other reviewers focusing on the wrong things with this game, I'd be interested in seeing a TLOU review video here.

  6. SlCKB0Y

    is it a good game with deep gameplay mecanics ? defenetly not.
    but is it a pretty darn great cyberpunk interactive novel ? bet your ass it is.
    also, Rutger "like tears in the rain" Hauer, for that alone that game is worth playing.

  7. Sean H

    I wanted to like this game, I love the setting and I dont mind how its a walking simulator, but those memory sequences were HORRENDUS, they went on too long and just boring. I honestly liked the other parts of the game where you were investigating the murder even if its just walking around talking to doors. Those parts were youre inside someones memories are what made me quit and uninstall the game. I just got sick of doing it, I mean they just as easily could have relayed the information they wanted to get across to us through a cutscene instead of fumbling around dark and skewed corridors while it seems like its never going to end. Everythign else about the game I really liked. its just a shame that they made those parts so tedious and drawn out or I would have actually completed the game.

  8. The Edgy Penguin

    I wanted to like this game but I honestly couldn't finish it, the first Observer sequence gave me a migraine and made me nauseous, this is the first time in years that a game has done this to me. The flashing was just too much. Its a shame, I really wanted to see where this was going to go but I'm not about to deal with migraines over it

  9. Joseph DeChangeman

    I really liked the atmosphere and played through it a few times to see and do everything that's possible.

    And I LOVE your channel. Watching all the old videos since weeks!

  10. Royce Thompson

    You had the audacity to call a game using a visual style of a movie two decades old, “edgy”?! Thats the exact opposite of edgy, what are you on about? Whats more, why does the game based on a dystopian, dilapidated and broken future have to do with clarity? Its almost like the main character is an old tired man who is so messed up in the head his delusions begin manifesting in real life to him. No crap his, “clarity” wont be great, you’re seeing through his eyes! Why does clarity always mean so much to you, that you’ll throw away an entire game on it, thats ridiculous.

  11. Vanity.Luxe

    How to explode a super old but I think the commentator missed the complete point of the game. The point of the game is that you're an observer. You are a detective. You're not some badass nanophage Slayer. You're supposed to uncover what is going on. The game is plenty interactive there is plenty to do in the game and it takes you on a really wild Ride. If you have Xbox game pass download this game and see for yourself! It's a blast

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