I was super excited to see a drugstore cushion foundation so you know I had to pick one up and review it! This one is the Wet N’ Wild Mega Cushion Foundation 🙂

Wet N’ Wild Mega Cushion Foundation:



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  1. noRrie B

    I think your sunscreen is the problem cause I’m wearing this foundation right now and I didn’t apply anything else on my face prior to this and it’s been a good 20 minutes and my face is matte and not transferring to my hand or anything else. I like it

  2. Peach. gguk

    I don’t even like foundation, or any type of make up like that (usually my face is clear) but it is that time where puberty has hit😔…and I hate looking my acne. But this is actually nice!

  3. Bunny Martinez

    Can anyone please respond to this, ok so i am a beginner at foundation and i was wondering what kind of primer would be good with this and if it would be bad on oily skin👀😔 please give me some advice😅🙏

  4. Haley Woods

    I hated this cushion! The lightest shade is super yellow and the formula is terrible. Why is this still on shelves but the Loreal Lumi Cushion got discontinued?

  5. Pramudita Triaswari

    Why do u still look sooo beautiful even with expression in 2:012:07 😂😂😂 envy you! Anyway, my skin tone similar to yours and hope the shade fits me too 🙏🙏

  6. Numble Mumble

    I love this foundation it’s very natural I wear just a little bit on everywhere except the bridge of my nose so I look extra natural it’s so nice 🙂 I have oily skin to combination and it works nice for me 🙂

  7. dinayx 12

    Haha it works pretty good for me😂 I’m a student in middle school, so I don’t wear that much makeup, but I use a little concealer and this foundation everyday and it works fine for me.

  8. Daenaeris Tartigrade

    1:48 the fragrance is STRONG. Like give you a headache strong. I looove this foundation but the fragrance breaks me out and it's really strong. Such a shame because I absolutely adore this product.

  9. Raquel Romero

    If anyone with sensitive skin is thinking of buying this foundation please don't my skin has the biggest allergic reaction to this foundation.

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