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Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control
라네즈 비비쿠션 포어 컨트롤



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  1. Ms. Izah

    I have sensitive oily skin and i used the old version but it doesn't suit my skin 🙁 not sure about the new version, but I don't want to waste my money anymore😂.. I'll just take your opinion.. tq liah

  2. Дарья Ефремова

    Hi,I ordered this cushion and was excited to you it, however after 1st day of wearing I found new pimples. Will try again but first impression is sad(((

  3. ıʌɐ uɐıɹq

    I'm so sad because I had the same reaction, too. My face looked so bloated when I wear this lol. I was so excited to get to try house this but then it flopped on me. Thank you so much for putting out such a good review of this product. I hoped I had seen this video earlier.

  4. lunatyy

    저도 처음 한이틀정도는 바르고 좁쌀이 나길래 계속 써봤는데 계속 쓰니까 적응됐는지 걍 괜찮더라구요 근데 또 다른 쿠션으로 넘어갔다가 다시 쓰면 좁쌀이 올라오는 경우가 있어요 하지만 전체적으로 그냥 만족하면서 쓰고있어요

  5. Sunny Days

    Would the new cushion fit into the original Laneige compact? I have that and don't want to have to spend extra money on both, especially because your review made me worried about it causing issues for my skin.

  6. Shinju Tan

    Hello! I've also been experiencing problems with laneige new pore control formula, though the previous formula worked really well for me. I use the blue radiant primer from makeup forever with the old bb cushion to prolong its longevity. However, using it with the new formula results in very very patchy application. I find the new formula too drying for my combination skin. I've also noticed that the new formula is much sheerer than the old formula and doesn't spread as well as its predecessor. A layer of the old pore control formula is more than enough to cover my post acne pigmentation. I was really disappointed that the new revamp formula did not work up for me, and I have now changed my bb cushion to hera uv mist cover cushion. I would like to enquire if anyone else is facing similar troubles as well? Thanks!

  7. Louise Modig

    I love when people do very honest reviews of things and especially skin products. Your reviews are very helpful, especially for me because we have the same type of skin. So thank you very much Liah!

  8. Yoojean Lee

    언니 새로나온 랑콤 Tient Idole Ultra Longwear 쿠션파운데이션 꼭 써보세요! 미국세포라엔 들어왔는데 아직 한국에 들어왔는진 모르겠는데.. 진짜 HOLY GRAIL !!

  9. 크릠

    저도 이전 버전을 잘 쓰고있엇는데 리뉴얼ㄷ서 정말 슬펏어요 ㅜㅜ인생템이였는데… 써볼려니까 용기 호환도 안되길래 그냥 포기햇는데 리뷰보니까 많이 달라진거같아서 안사길잘햇네요 ㅎㅎ 다른 쿠션찾아 총총

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