Peel released a new case called the Peel Strong Grip Case. And unlike their other products, Peel actually branded this one. The standout feature for this product is the grip but it’s not really worth getting just for that. 

Sure the grip is stronger than other silicone cases like Apple’s silicone case but that’s all there to it; There’s nothing new and exciting about this product except the grip. If you’re looking a “grippy” silicone case, you are better off getting the Soft Ballistic Jacket or even the Apple Silicone Case.

Don’t get the Peel, get the Ballistic Soft Jacket. It’s better!

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Design – 00:01:54

The Peel Strong Grip is bulky for an iPhone silicone case. Because the Peel Strong Grip is silicone, it means that your iPhone won’t slide around easily — but you will still definitely notice the bulk. We were about to remove points for the loose microfibre cloth along the button areas but didn’t because this also happens with the Surphy silicone case. 

Peel’s strongest marketing feature for the Peel Strong Grip case is the grip. For our grip racer speed test, we set a ramp at about 150 degrees and timed how long each case took to pass the middle of the board.

It took the Peel Strong Grip 4 minutes to slide between the middle of the board, the Apple silicone case 2:45 and the Spigen case took over 5 minutes. 

The last thing we will note is that the Peel Strong Grip case covers the entire edge of the iPhone which makes it tougher than the overpriced Apple silicone case. 


As we were reviewing the Peel Strong Grip case, we couldn’t help but think that we had seen it before. It reminded us of the red case that we reviewed back in the best silicone case for the iPhone 11. 

The red case is from an Amazon brand called Surphy. The Peel case and the Surphy product are basically identical. We say that with relative confidence because both products have a microfibre interior that’s not glued to the buttons, the camera cutout has the same beveled edge and the injection points on the inside of the case are exactly the same. 

For us, that’s too much of a coincidence. Even companies that try to copy the Apple Silicone case, like Spigen/Ciel, will be very close but the manufacturing process is slightly different. Apple’s products have a seam along the middle of the case, Spigen’s does not. Apple’s buttons are covered with microfibre, Spigen’s are not. 

Even knockoff Apple Silicone cases aren’t direct clones of the Apple case. They can try but there’s always something different about it. And usually in a bad way.

Which leads us back to Peel Strong Grip. Their thin cases aren’t unique. Dozens of companies have the same product but Peel’s marketing is slightly better and they have the audacity to charge more. Hey, if they make the branding feels classier, they can jack up the price, right? 

The Peel Strong Grip case feels like it could be a carbon copy of the Surphy case. Or vice versa. Why try to put the work in to create something that’s entirely uniquely yours when you could just take credit for it.

Functionality – 00:05:51

When it comes to using an iPhone in the Peel Strong Grip case, we had no issues. You can reach the buttons easily, ports cutouts are large and because of the silicone material, handling is decent. But we feel that the Apple Silicone case is a little easier to use because of the cutout at the bottom. On the iPhone 11 Pro Max, we tend to use our pinky as a shelf when we’re using it in one hand and the cutout acts as a kickstand for our pinky. It is the same for the Ballistic Soft Jacket with the oversized corners. In addition to the extra protection, the corners improve the handling of your gigantic iPhone.

Honestly, if you are super concerned about your grip, get something that’s actually grippy. Like a Pitaka MagCase Pro or a Loopy case. If you need more info about the MagCase Pro and Loopy case, check out

Protection – 00:07:09

As for protection, the Peel Strong Grip does provide full edge protection, and the microfibre back helps to protect against dust. The edges of the case are quite rigid as well.

Also, the silicone that Peel is better than the ESR case that we’ve used as the button areas don’t have a lot of give to them.

When it comes to drop protection, Peel Strong Grip doesn’t explicitly state how high you can drop it but we wouldn’t go any higher than chest height. 

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  1. Kevyn Markowitz

    Not that I would buy just a silicone case. But, that is frustrating. I would be pissed if I were the person who bought that case. Monty looks so cute in his tie!!!

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