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  1. Soldier of Christ

    Been using the night repair for about 5 years and I never noticed a smell😀😀. Ok so I thought the perfection pro was for the morning? Have you seen the new perfection pro rapid brightening pro, and is that gonna be the better morning serum?
    I just want to get the beat morning serum.

  2. WhyDoThisTo TheBro

    I bought the Estée Lauder perfectionist for only $100 and it was the big bottle… from someone who claims to be an “authentic reseller”… the bottle lid was defective and pulled off the actual pump nozzle with it. Also the product had a slight flower scent. Is this normal?

  3. Ruth Brown

    I tried this last weekend and I loved it.
    I wish they didn’t discontinued new dimension shape + fill expert serum.
    And I’m also hoping that they would sell this for $165 for 2/1.7 oz 🙏🙏🙏😀
    Macy’s has perfectionist (CP+R) 2/1.7 oz for $165. Also, starting this Sunday, they’re going to be 15% off. 😉👏

  4. Sheri Livingston

    How does Perfectionist Pro compare to Perfectionist? I love the velvety feeling Perfectionist has on the skin which Perfectionist Pro does not. Thanks!

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