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  1. Hyram

    UPDATE: Soooo a lot of you guys have been sending me messages (thank you so much!) that not all of the products in these lines are fragrance free. I also learned of the DEVASTATING NEWS that YTTP changed some of their formulas (I believe) to include fragrance in some of their products 🙁 So these are the products I recommend you try to avoid if you don't like fragrance!

    Youth To The People:
    Air Whip Moisture Cream
    Superberry Glow Oil
    Superberry Dream Mask

    First Aid Beauty:
    Radiance Peel Pads
    Scented Ultra Repair Creams

    Love you guys!

  2. Lindsey Mallett

    Hyram please do a video to teach us how to look at ingredients in skincare and know its a good product so we don't throw money away on skincare that may harm the skin 😍


    i personally cant thank you enough hyram. i was not caring for my face too much before this and i hated it all the while. only after i discover your channel that i realized good things only happen when you put in time, effort and good quality in it. i used to hate my oily face but i am now satisfied with my face now. Thank you so much. Please do keep your videos coming in. Wish you good health always.

  4. Bridget Stolp

    Hi, just found you (yes, I subscribed) I've been watching all you vidios and loving them. I'd love to hear a review on exuviance skin care line, your thoughts on it?!
    I searched your vidios and didn't see this brand/line review 🙂

  5. Camille B

    Oh thank yooouuuu!!! Please, I need your advice. I am in the Czech Republic (yup, European..) aaaand I am wondering – where to get those productd?? Cerave we do have in our drug stores, but the others… would you or anyone here recommend me where to buy these progucts? I have mixed skin, a few wrinkles… I am 35…. I just want the best! 😅🙈 Thank you for any advice. Love and health to all of you ❤️😊

  6. Iman

    Not me coming back to this video after using up a bottle of Paula's Choice just so I can re-order with Hyram's affiliate link to support our skincare king

  7. PinkyPie

    Hyram: Looks perfectly fine UGH I LOOK SO HORRIBLEE
    Me: Literally looks like a tired, almost dead, fat fish wHy ArE yOu LoOkiNg at Me LikE ThAattT?? I LOok just FiNnEe 🥲

  8. Erin Neupauer

    Okay question! I'm new to his channel:) I snagged the Niacinamide oil from the Ordinary, but am also looking at the krave beauty Great Barrier Reef serum. When do these go on in your skin care routine? Morning or night? Do I put both on the same day? Thanks! 🙂

  9. Kaysha Shas

    Guys. I wanna get it. Can I use the CERAVE Foaming Cleanser in the morning and use this Youth to the people cleanser at night? … I’m so curious. Like I wanna get this but I kind of also wanna use the cerave. Idk someone help me out 😭😭😭

  10. AVideoStarWorld Willemijn

    I present to you every single ingredient that is described by the by Hyram suggested Paula’s choice ingredient dictionary as ‘poor’. Because you know ‘ingredients don’t lie b*tch’.
    Please share and enjoy this list!

    Bad skin care ingredients :
    – acacia farnesiana extract (fragrance)
    – Acetic Acid (sensitizing)
    – Acetone (sensitizing)
    – Achillea millefolium
    – Acne soap
    – Advanced glucation endproduct
    – Aerocarpus santalinus (fragrance)
    – AGE
    – Albumin
    – Alcloxa
    – Alkaline
    – Alpha isomethyl ionone (fragrance)
    – Aluminum sulfate
    – Ammonium chloride
    – Amyl cinnamate (fragrance)
    – Amyl salicylate (fragrance)
    – Amyris oil (fragrance)
    – Abacyclus pyrethrum
    – Angelica archangelica root oil
    – Angelica polymorpha Sinensis toot extract
    – Anisaldehyde (fragrance)
    – Anise
    – Arnica extract
    – Awapuhi

    – balm mint extract (fragrance)
    – Balsam Peru (fragrance)
    – Bay leaf oil
    – Bee pollen
    – Bellis perennis
    – Benzoin extract (fragrance)
    – Benzyl salicylate (fragrance)
    – Bergamot oil (fragrance)
    – Bitter orange flower (fragrance)
    – Back locust extract
    – Black pepper extract and oil
    – Bloodwort
    – Bois de rose oil
    – Bois oil
    – Borate
    – Borax
    – Boswell is carterii (fragrance)
    – Bronopol
    – Butylphenyl methylptopional (fragrance)

    – cajeputi oil
    – Calamine (sensitizing)
    – Camphor
    – Cananga extract (fragrance)
    – Cananga odorata (fragrance)
    – Capsaicin
    – Capsicum
    – Capsicum oleoresin
    – Cardamom (fragrance)
    – Carvone (fragrance)
    – Cedarwood (fragrance)
    – Cedrus atlantica bark extract (fragrance)
    – Cinnamomum
    – Cinnamomum camphora
    – Cinnamon
    – Cinnamyl alcohol (fragrance)
    – Citronellol (fragrance)
    – Citrullus colocynthis
    – Citrus amara (fragrance)
    – Citrus aurantifolia (fragrance)
    – Citrus aurantium (fragrance)
    – Citrus aurantium extract (fragrance)
    – Citrus medica limonium (fragrance)
    – Clary oil (fragrance)
    – Clove leaf
    – Clove oil
    – Clover blossom
    – Clover leaf oil
    – Coleus barbatus
    – Colloidal silver
    – Comfrey extract (sensitizing)
    – Commiphora myrtha extract (fragrance)
    – Copaifera officinalis
    – Cornmint
    – Cyclamen aldehyde (fragrance)
    – Cymbopogon martini
    – Cymbopogon citratés

    – daisy flower extract
    – Daucus carota
    – Denatured alcohol (sensitizing)
    – Dimethyl ether

    – elexampane (sensitizing)
    – English ivy extract (sensitizing)
    – Environmental damage
    – Equisetum arvense (sensitizing)
    – Esculin (sensitizing)
    – Essential oil (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Ethanol (sensitizing)
    – Ethyl alcohol (sensitizing)
    – Eucalyptus extract (fragrance)
    – Eucalyptus oil (fragrance)
    – Eugenia aromatics (sensitizing)
    – Eugenol (fragrance +sensitizing)

    – fennel oil (sensitizing)
    – Fennel seed extract (sensitizing)
    – Cerulean galbaniflua (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Fir needle oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Floralozone (fragrance)
    – Foeniculum vulgare extract (sensitizing)
    – Fragrance
    – Frankincense extract (fragrance + sensitizing)

    – Galbanum (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Gardenia Florida extract (sensitizing)
    – Geranium oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Geranium pretense (sensitizing)
    – Ginger oil (sensitizing)
    – Gold (sensitizing)
    – Grapefruit oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Grapefruit peel extract (sensitizing)
    – Grapefruit seed extract
    – Guarana (sensitizing)

    – hamamelis virginiana (sensitizing)
    – Hamamelitannin (sensitizing)
    – Hayflower extract (sensitizing)
    – Hedera helix (sensitizing)
    – Hedione (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Hexyl cinnamal (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Horse elder (sensitizing)
    – Horseradish (sensitizing)
    – Hydnocarpus anthelmintica (sensitizing)
    – Hydrastis canadenis (sensitizing)
    – Hydrogen peroxide (sensitizing)

    – illicium Vernum (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Inula helenium (sensitizing)
    – Iris Florentina extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Isopropyl alcohol (sensitizing)
    – Ivy extract (sensitizing)

    – Jasmine oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Jasminium grandiflorum (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Jonquil extract (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Juniperus communis (sensitizing)

    – Kathon CG (sensitizing)
    – Kava-kava extract (sensitizing)
    – Kawa extract (sensitizing)

    – lady’s mantle extract
    – Laurus nobilis
    – Lavandin oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lavendula angustifolia (sensitizing + fragrance)
    – Lavandula officinalis (sensitizing + fragrance
    – Lavender extract and oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lemon (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lemon balm (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lemongrass extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lemongrass oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lemon juice (sensitizing)
    – Lemon oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Levisticum officianale root extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lime oil and extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Limonene (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Linalool (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Litsea cubeba (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Lovage toot extract (sensitizing)
    – Lye (sensitizing)

    – mandarin orange Oil or extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Marjoram (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Melaleuca cajeputi oil (sensitizing)
    – Melia ezadirachta oil (sensitizing)
    – Melissa officinalis (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Mentha arvensis (sensitizing)
    – Mentha piperita (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Mentha spicata (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Mentha viridis (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Menthol (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Menthone (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Menthoxypropanediol (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Menthyl lactate (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Methanol (sensitizing)
    – Methylchloroisothiazolinone (sensitizing)
    – Methyldibromo glutaronitrile
    – Methyldihyrrojasmonate (fragrance)
    – Methylisothiazolinone (sensitizing)
    – Mimosa oil or extract (fragrance)
    – Mint (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Myrrh (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Myrtle extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Myrtus communis extract (fragrance + sensitizing)

    – narcissus poeticus wax (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Neem oil (sensitizing)
    – Neroli (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Neroli oil (fragrance + sensitizing)

    – oak root extract (sensitizing)
    – Olivanum extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Orange blossom (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Orchid (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Oregano (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Origanum majorana (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Origanum vulgare flower extract (sensitizing)
    – Orris root (fragrance + sensitizing)

    – PABA
    – palmarosa oil
    – Papain
    – Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)
    – Patchouli (fragrance)
    – Pelargonium graveolens oil
    – Pellitory
    – Pentadecalactone (fragrance)
    – Peppermint (fragrance)
    – Petitgrain mandarin (fragrance)
    – Photosensitizer
    – Pine oil (fragrance)
    – Pinus lambertiana wood extract
    – Piper nigrum
    – Pgistemon Cablin (fragrance)
    – Pyrus cydonia

    – quercus
    – Quercus infectoria extract
    – quince seed

    – robinia pseudacacia extract
    – Rosa damascena oil (fragrance)
    – Rosa gallica flower extract (fragrance)
    – Rose flower (fragrance)
    – Rose flower oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Rosemary oil
    – Rose oil (fragrance)
    – Rosewood oil (fragrance)

    – salvia officinalis
    – Sandalwood oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Sausurrea oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Sclareolide (fragrance)
    – SD alcohol (sensitizing)
    – SD alcohol 40-2 (sensitizing)
    – Silver (sensitizing)
    – Soap (sensitizing)
    – Sodium borate (sensitizing
    – Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate (sensitizing)
    – Sodium carbonate (sensitizing)
    – Sodium cocoate (sensitizing)
    – Sodium lauryl sulfate (sensitizing)
    – Sodium palmate
    – Sodium palmitoyl sarcosinate
    – Sodium palm kernelate
    – Sodium silicate (sensitizing)
    – Sodium tallowate
    – Sodium thioglycolate (sensitizing)
    – Spearmint oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Star anise (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Styrax benzoin
    – Sulfur (sensitizing)
    – Symphytum officinale extract (sensitizing)
    – Szechuan peppercorn (sensitizing)

    – tallow
    – Tangerine oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – TEA- lauryl sulfate (sensitizing)
    – Thyme oil (sensitizing)
    – Thymus serpillum extract (sensitizing)
    – Thymus vulgaris oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Tormentil extract (sensitizing)

    – UVA
    – UVB

    – verbena extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Vetiver oil or extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
    – Volatile oil (fragrance + sensitizing)

    – White oak bark extract (sensitizing)
    – Wild ginger (sensitizing)
    – Wintergreen oil (sensitizing)
    – Witch hazel (sensitizing)

    – Xi xin (sensitizing)

    – yarrow extract (sensitizing)
    – Ylang ylang (fragrance + sensitizing)

    – zanthoxylum piperitum (sensitizing)
    – Zinc carbonate (sensitizing)
    – Zinc sulfate (sensitizing)
    – Zingiberaceae (sensitizing)
    – Zingiber zerumbet (sensitizing)

  11. Kaysha Shas

    HYRAM!! Or anyone help me?! I just got a new skincare routine. I use the inkey list oat cleansing balm and follow it with cerave foaming facial cleanser. (I double cleanse) .. but I’m thinking of using different cleanser for night. Can I use the one hyram just recommend in this video ? Someone help me 😭😭😭 I have sensitive combination skin btw

  12. Marlene Cesarotti

    Cerave is fantastic & The ordinary eye creams are a big hype to my I use Cerave moisturizer or just plain Vaseline great video Hyram as always thanks for the info

  13. Mika King

    You should put pictures of all the products as you talk about them! I like to see the packaging and know what products look like so I’ll remember them if I ever see them elsewhere

  14. Maritza Vazquez

    My opinion why First Aid is underrated is their brand name. When I first saw First Aid, I immediately thought: acne, blackheads, extreme dryness, etc.

  15. Ai Wah Chun

    So… I immediately made a list when you said you're going to talk about seven skincare brands that you absolutely love
    CeraVe, Drunk Elephant, First Aid Beauty, Krave Beauty, The Inkey List, The Ordinary, Youth To The People

    …And I got 6/7. Not bad! 😬
    (I didn't realise you've stopped supporting Drunk Elephant when you made this video)

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