I love this product with all of my heart. I’m not lying, and they’re not paying me.

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  1. Outsider 99

    I have been using the same thayers witch hazel rose bud toner for acne and like blemishes for over a week now and there has been no changes in my skin at all lmfao , i eat a clean diet and drink water as well 🤦🏻‍♂️ . Idk if maybe it takes more time to kick in but I’m seeing no results , I’m going to give it another week and I’m gonna move on to another option , would appreciate feed back 😫

  2. Leyanis Roman

    Girlllll tell me about it! I freaking lovee this witch hazel 👏🏼 I always have a backup just in case I run out 😂 p.s Marshalls & ross always have them at discounted prices!

  3. Jazive R

    “My credit score is better, I purchased a home, I have better friends. I’ve just been blessed. My birth control has never failed me”
    I’m sold! I’m ordering this product right now!!!!

  4. Miss. Me88

    I love Thayer’s Which Hazel (Rose Petal).. I use it to cleanse my face along with cotton pads after washing off my daily/nightly face mask btw I come behind it with freshly cut aloe Vera and little moisturizer. I believe it aids in keeping my face soft asf. 🧖🏾‍♀️💅🏾

  5. WhitneyStylez

    I use the rose petal one from Thayers too as a toner and love it. I know you posted this video almost a year ago… but for Netflix, my faves are Riverdale, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black

  6. Kelli S

    Loved this review! u are so funny and honest it’s super refreshing to see on YouTube! i just bought the lavender toner and was looking up reviews and stumbled upon ur video, now I’m subscribed!! also quick Q, do you use cotton pads or a washcloth or something else entirely when you use this toner?

  7. chicken nuggz

    I used the lavander one two nights in a row and my pimples have disappeared the next morning when i use the toner at night! The rose one is good for morning but lavander helps acne more i think

  8. Alexis

    did it make you purge first? i just got this product (rose petal) and i’ve gotten a lot of pimples around my nose and i’m not sure if i’m breaking out or if my skin is just purging

  9. Julissa Perez

    I’m glad I just saw this, I also have hyperpigmentation and discoloration, made me feel like I’m not alone. I’ve tried so many products that work for a bit then stop, so I’ll be trying this out, thank you

  10. Shondulah Riggins

    My mom brought this product for me. I just tried it this morning and I've already seen great results. The best brand of Witch Hazel that I've used so far.

  11. Lisette Zavala

    “My birth control never failed me bc of this product “ 😂. I just bought it so I hope it helps my acne and hyperpigmentation soothe down a bit

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