Missha M Cushion Foundation $8 on Amazon
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Makeup tutorial on the look I’m wearing in this video

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Camera? → Canon 70D
Lens? →
Lighting? Diva Ring Light
What’s your job? I work in marketing


➜Hair tools- Bombay Gold Collection (it’s amazeballs)
25mm (1″ curling iron)
Titanium flat Iron
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➜ Hautelook (flash sale site)

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  1. Silvia Quesada

    Hi. I recommend you for the acne breakouts, a cream that helps me a lot: "Elite 3 in 1 cream". I buy it in Ebay. I use a little bit of Nivea on my face, at night, and on the top of the Nivea I use that cream, and next morning my face looks clean, soft… it's is amazing. You should try it, it is a life changing. Bye. Good luck!

  2. Pink Pearl

    Can someone please tell me if this cushion breaks you out? I'm worried it might flair up my acne but it's on sale so can someone answer plz? Thanks

  3. Doc Lewis

    I use this product and have found that one little pat applies a lot of coverage. It's very skin like. I like to wear it to balance out my skin tone. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in deeper skin tones.

  4. Miomena.Edits

    I just bought it and it is so great .. but it is too dark for me 😣 I have the cover lasting version, I don't understand the difference to moist up

  5. Carmen K

    I know that this video is old but as a person that owns a bunch of cushion foundations/B.B. cushions, the sponge applicator is totally safe to use. It’s antibacterial and can be cleaned with cleansing oil. Also, don’t do roll patting motions, just pat away like you would with a beauty blender! Also, the sponge applicator is designed to pick up less product than a brush or beauty blender, but is also made to have more coverage with less product.

  6. Jess M

    Missha came out with OFFICIAL websites for both Canada and the U.S., so I highly recommend buying from there! I wouldn't buy from Amazon, Ebay, etc (specially if the price is suspiciously low, like below $10) since you never know when you may be buying fakes. Missha always have super good deals (like buy 1 get 1 free, which ends up being around 10 dollars per item) with free shipping over 50. Why risk it when you can buy it from the official site.

  7. Maneth

    It's 35$ here in Cambodia. Yet, I used to try the April Skin Cushion (oily) , my face got break-out as hell! It's hot and a lot of dirt here in Cambodia…

  8. Mari Kookie

    I've never tried a cushion foundation before and didn't want to spend $15+ (USD) on a drugstore cushion, after your review I decided to go buy this cushion off of Amazon. Fingers crossed that I enjoy it too, thanks! Btw I don't know if anyone here is a college student or not, but I signed up for a 6 month Prime trial using my " .edu " student email so I ordered this with prime shipping. (: Also hope that the trial isn't a scam because I'm a poor college kid.

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