[Video đánh giá] Melano CC Review #1 Vitamin C Serum

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4 Replies to “[Video đánh giá] Melano CC Review #1 Vitamin C Serum”

  1. I see a big difference in my skin when I take vitamin c /e 1000 n up with e u it’s best to build up to it start with a low dose and I have a couple of days you increase to three days.Also drinking lots of water I guess 4 to5 glasses more if you can let’s remember if you urinate a lot you need to increase your intake off potassium eat more bananas and food home potassium.(this having been evaluated by the fruit FDA)

  2. hey! can you pls do a video on the best japanese retinol serums/masks for both acne scars and wrinkles?? great review btw!

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