Yes – I am finally doing a review on the Melano CC range from Japan!
I know a lot of people are curious about this one, hope you enjoy 😏🍋
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[Rohto] Melano CC Vitamin C Essence (0:31)

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[Rohto] Melano CC Vitamin C Sheet Mask (8:06)

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  1. nada reyene

    i have this one as my 2nd bottle now and vitamin C takes months or year to show results so that makes sense to not see a major change only in a few weeks. also it has a super high ascorbic acid percentage which is why it's so strong and effective for most people

  2. Eloisa Maglaya

    I 1st learned Melano CC 5 years ago from SasakiAsahi. Luckily you get to feature this Rohto line cause its hard to find English speaking Youtubers who focus on Japanese Skin Care. Sad it didn't do much well on you. I find it quite useful on whitening my scars but yeah its on a gradual phase. I love the serum I even used it on cuts and skin rash (it doesn't mean its gonna work the same with others). I find Somebymi Yuja serum has better fragrance, lighter-watery feel and less stingy though. Thanks Tina!!! Hope you continue giving us Japanese skin care lessons!!! ❤❤❤

  3. Liana Norizan

    When i first tried the essence i didnt really see much of a difference. So just to finish it up, i continued to use it for a little over a month and saw a huge difference! My stubborn hyperpigmentation definitely faded a lot but it does take some time to notice any changes.

  4. Empress Seung

    It seems unbelievable, but I tried this for three days and there is a visible improvement on my terrible, active acne and pigmentation. I am taking progress pictures everyday, will see how long it takes before it clears out my skin problems, fingers crossed.

  5. angela yap

    hi!! does the essence come out yellow or is it clear? i have one that i bought last year in japan but i’m not sure if it has oxidized already or not 😅

  6. CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan

    I accidentally bought the moisturiser version! Horrible. I broke out in something very much like fungal acne right about the time I'd introduced the Melano CC moisturiser into my regimen so I binned it. I keep hearing great things about the watery serum original so I'll definitely be super careful next time Donki is trying to destabilise my reality with its merciless high-energy, technicolour assault on my senses, LOL. Thanks for this video Tina. 🙂

  7. amongHpigeons

    I can confirm that after using two tubes of the essence that it had no impact on my sun spots. It's rare for me to have pimples and the resulting dark spot, though I have one now. I'd consider repurchasing for that purpose. The packaging is quite ingenious and the product should be preserved for quite some time. Plus it's very reasonably priced.

  8. anusuya pal

    I am a most of the time i stay at home…should i use sunscreen at home?if yes then when should i use?after cleaning,toning and moisturing??what will be the steps?

  9. saghaarii

    I just started using this, switching from the Ordinary's l-ascorbic acid powder. A girlfriend is on her third tube of this and swears by this! So I look forward to the results on me

  10. Katrina Pineda

    My favorite thing about this is the packaging but it really doesn't do anything to my acne scars. I tried several methods as well over 6 months but I guess I'll just move on to another, more potent, Vit C.

  11. Teri P

    I suffered from an adult acne and redness but after I started using the essence my skin got much brighter with less visible pores. Also the skintone evened out and the redness around my cheeks and chin almost dissapeared. I don´t really have many acne scars or dark spots so I can´t say if it works but it definitely gave my skin a better texture, tighter pores and incredible brightness. I use it together with Melano CC toner and Hatomugi gel. Honestly it is the best skincare product I have ever used.

  12. xoAngelicc

    Yay! Glad to see your review! I've been using my tube since March and have been rubbing it into my skin. I agree that it does sit on top of the skin and I have to wait a while for it to sink in so definitely going to try the pressing in method now! Also agree that it doesn't seem to help with sun damage – looking to pick up the hada labo shirojyun for that. Fingers crossed it works 🤞

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