I wanted to like this game. I really did. I still do. When it’s not getting in its own way, the combat is a ton of fun, and the character-specific moments in the campaign – especially those that put the spotlight on Kamala – are legitimately good bits of comic book superhero storytelling. There have been plenty of moments during my time with the game where I’ve genuinely had a great time.

But Marvel’s Avengers keeps finding ways to drag itself down- at times it almost feels like it goes out of its way to do so. There’s just so much here that I can’t overlook, no matter how hard I may try. An unnecessary and broken loot system, a litany of horrible technical issues, uninspired and one-note mission design, and a story that fails just as much as it succeeds- it doesn’t matter how mindlessly fun the combat is, it isn’t enough to overcome such a heavy list of problems.


  1. Shawn Rasmussen

    So everyones complaints are focused on multiplayer is what im getting. But you said its the meat and potatoes of the game. I disagree. In a game with a good solid single player campaign i feel thats the base of the game amd ita why i buy it and therefore any multiplayer content is just tacked on extra content for me

  2. Hugh Mungus

    I think this game is not bad but neither good, its mediocre and what really holds this game back despite its great story and attention to source material is its microtransactions. Which halts progression of the game, where instead of unlocking an item by doing a specific task or requirement. You gotta farm and grind for coins or pay money to do so. The game becomes a generic loot base games. Dime a dozen if you ask me

  3. theAtomicLass

    This game made me sad , can I have the 10 hours of my life back. Tomb Raider was so good and satisfying and it was by the same devs, I think this is a good instance of developers biting off more than they can chew. Focus more on storyline than different combat moves and the game changes drastically. The final mission was a joke I could have done it with one hand lol. Black widow and iron man were probably my fave. It should have been called Ms Marvel and the Avengers :p

  4. Mark Tonna

    Personally, I think its a really good game that would have been great, if it put more focus on boss fights and set pieces, instead of repetitive group fights and the leveling up system.

  5. Aaron Brumfield

    Fuck this game I can't complete the campaign so I can't get the other major artifacts without doing the missions. They need to fix this …. INFINITE LOADING SCREENS…..

  6. Timothy Garcia

    Don't you just love playing the same levels over and over and over and over again and come to find that you have wasted your time because on the last stage of the same level that you've done 20 times the game crashes or glitches and the enemies don't spawn so you can't finish the mission

  7. Kendral Hunt

    I love this game. I'm glad i did preorder marvels avengers and played the beta. It's not on par with my two favorite videogames, the last of us part 2 and red dead 2, but it's still a good brawling game.

  8. Error Error

    Hmm… I don't think I'll be buying this with ALL these issues. When it gets SIGNIFICANT improvements, I'll consider it then. Sad to see this game is pretty poorly made when I was actually hyped up for this like months before it launched. 💀

  9. TheAquariusHero

    This is an example on why people should play the game and judge it for themselves because this is the most confusing and inconsistent review I've ever heard lol.

  10. Joseph Kong

    Game story is very bad in my opinion, it is completely rushed and they Mary the sue out of Ms.Marvel.
    After A-day, Avengers are kicked out but every single one of them stops being a hero?! Did that mean no super villain's attacked in that span of time? Cause you know people gaining powers? Also how did SHIELD get taken down but comes back from one call from a 16 year fan girl. Since this is an origin story of Ms.Marvel and the Avengers are side line characters, they did no story telling on how she learned her powers or mastery of them but she is shoved into AVENGERS LEVEL THEARTS and she take it down so easily. The ending of the campaign even makes this clearer where she REY Palpatines the final boss without any help and less than a min.

  11. Modern Philosophy

    You forgot to talk about how the enemies are unfairly advantaged over you. Like how can one hit from them interrupt and stop your attacks but you can be doing a whole combo on them and they won't be phased. Seems like the enemy frames are way higher.

  12. The Mighty Jaboc Con

    I really enjoy the flying characters, i didnt really find an issue, i think all the characters are great, i loved the campaign but i am disappointed with the multiplayer, really it dosent feel like theres a whole lot more missions than the beta had and as you say alot of the areas and objectives are repetitive, i have hope tho, the villain sectors… tho very limited in bosses are actually very fun, raid like bosses with a 4 man team, especially abomination where he can stomp out downed characters makes you utilise different specs which you can change at any time, i have alot of hope that the multiplayer is going to get better, based on how they've dealt with certain things like the various glitches, new character trailer before the full release makes me think they're listening to the playerbase and are quickly going to expand on whats currently there.

  13. OscarG787

    I enjoyed Marvels Avengers. Definitely gots that marvel ultimate alliance, destiny feel to it. This is by no means goty material but it’s far from a bad game besides this game gots so much potential to be a great marvel game. Live service, grindy button mashing fest but there’s still so much depth in this game with its skill trees, dodging, evasive maneuvers and parry mechanics. Six playable avengers, a pretty good campaign (8 to 10 hours) with a few boss battles that didn’t really do the game justice and it’s lackluster human and aim robotic enemy types on release but give this game time to thrive. So much content can be added to make this game a even more better and enjoyable experience with different landscapes, worlds, more allies to join the avengers roster, more mechanics, more epic boss battles and enemies such as kree/skrulls, symbiotes, vampires(blade), ultron bots, the out riders(thanos’s army), sentinels(xmen), rogue inhumans(morlocks maybe), frost giants,
    etc etc. Huge upon huge potential this game gots for years to come. People just won’t get past it’s launch review to see that which is understandable but play this game for yourself and see if you like the direction the developers are taking this game, obviously you can’t play all your cards at once but I really like where the devs are taking this game and hopefully in the near future. Definite 7 out of 10 for me which isn’t all that bad. It’s all up to the developers and we as fans to see what we want more in the foreseeable future in content.

  14. BengeJ Uknowit

    I finished the campaign last night, some great moments when it goes full on uncharted type action sections but the gameplay is so repetitive & this game is hurt most by the looting! Looting just shouldn't have been in this game!

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