Marvel’s Avengers reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro by Tom Marks, also available on Xbox One and PC.

Marvel’s Avengers has a fun and endearing superhero campaign, but it’s tied to a loot-based endgame that’s repetitive and unrewarding. There’s a nugget of something cool here that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix could foster with updates in time, but right now it offers very little reason to keep playing past the credits.

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  1. Exclusive

    The single player campaign could've been multiplayer with AI intelligence when the gamer is playing by theirself and not having spiderman and black panther as avengers also could've hurt the game sales. 59.99 for a project that many gamers don't know about isn't reasonable at Launch.

  2. Bad at Gaming

    At least this game did not surprise, disappoint, or fool anybody. It was exactly what we all thought it would be. All of it's marketing screamed stay away from this AAAA mobile gaming experience. YOU KNOW if IGN gives it a 6…it is actually a 3-4. Never forget, IGN gave Anthem a 6.5 so what does that say about this heap?

  3. JASSEM Alsuwaidi

    I have hope in this game they have fixed a lot of bugs and added new character the future is bright if people support the game more they will get endless content

  4. L R

    it alright but i don't like how they made ms marvel the main person to play she not a great character to play she should make just stay in the comic or in the different marvel tv shows the game would be better if players can pick a person to play as along side the avengers or made a character of there own

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