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  1. LFly R

    ACG : considering that it's very hard to create a free flow game like Avengers is, trying to include all the characters that couldn't be more different….they did a very good job. But the fact still stands, the game is glitchy and buggy, graphics is solidly good, some character aspect feel good while playing….but the biggest flop is Iron Mans SPEED during flying which is like at max 40 miles per hour which is stupidly intentionally SLOWED down due to small level design and artificial city limiting walls where no character can go because there is no game there….literally.
    For a 140 GB game, which is the largest that I've tried, this level of artificial limitation, this is outrageous since for example AC Origins and AC Odyssey offer abnormally larger gameplay area and they are 60-65 GB in size.

  2. Montesama314

    Bland art direction, lazy level direction. Gameplay too repetitive to appreciate the potential depth found in unlocking the moves and abilities.

  3. PlayStation Psycho

    I don't know how you'd have so much money and a massive brand like marvel to work with and they think "OK so let's have 1 map and we just keep replaying the mission until you rank up. Let have 3 bosses, no wait that's too much stick with 2. And as for outfits there will be some to choose from but they won't be visible. OK guys we have game of the year"

  4. Shawn Rasmussen

    I dont understand why all reviews focus so heavily on the multiplayer as if its a multiplayer g as me with a single player campaign tacked on when thats the opposite of the reality

  5. Wulfdane

    The story is good, voice acting is good and combat is okay, but the areas are empty and boring. I got it for ½ price and that’s about what’s it worth and mostly because of the campaign.

    Once you play the campaign; the rest of the game becomes boring fast. Hopefully they’ll learn from the complaints and the dlcs will bring more life to the game.

  6. Andrew UK

    It's yet another one. Another uninspired factory-manufactured cynical product with enough functionality to still be called a game, a shallow husk of a game.

  7. MrStatistx

    I was hoping for a good open world, mostly in a city, playground/sandbox with interchangable characters that play hugely different. Maybe some base building with upgrades, sending them on missions and a story where you have to gather the superheroes.

  8. PaulyBMustDie

    Video game reviews almost always make you never want to buy a game because of how reviewers break them down lol is it even about how much fun you have anymore ?

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