Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Application and Review

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[Online Exclusive] Laneige Water Sleeping Siblings


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Laneige Water Sleeping Mask:

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  1. Monalisa Bio

    Perfect alternative s sheet mask, ang gnda pla nia s skin based s skin nio Madam, your skin look hydrated po at grbe ang flawless po 😍😍😍💖
    Ig: carcom28
    Fb: Monalisa Co Bio

  2. Aije Irca Flair R. Agohayon

    Hi, is this water sleeping mask can be applied after the laneige perfect renew trial kit? Thanks a lot. Btw, really admire your accent.

  3. Weaam Aljassim

    Thank you for the review. I'm only concerned about getting it on my pillow and sheets instead. Do you wait until it's absorbed before you go to your bed? Regards from Saudi Arabia

  4. Hunter The Dawg

    Hindi po ba nakapost itong video sa fb? Share ko sana. Pag ito kasi ang shinare. Link lang. Mas maganda kung video na agad lalabas. Pa-upload po sa fb 🤗

  5. Dung Le

    Uh hey, I just wanted to ask do you sure you’re supposed to put overnight and take off the next morning?I think this is the first time I watched your video and I think the rest are going to be great and pls answer 🤗🤔

  6. adellily

    Excellent point about how this is a sheet-free version of face masks! As someone who can't stand having face masks on, this seems like a great alternative 🙂 Thanks for yet another concise but detailed review! love your channel 🙂

  7. Nickle Love

    I've only recently gotten interested in skin care and I found you! I like how you reviewed and gave your honest opinion about this product. Yay! I'll look into your other videos for more info before I dive into the rabbit hole. Hahaha.

  8. Witty Bonita

    I would love to try this product my dear friend because I never have any maintenance in my face yet and I think I need it. You discuss this product like”an endorser or model you Absolutely looking gorgeous and glistening love you skin

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