Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream Review | Skincare Series

Happy Monday everyone, today I have another skincare review and this time it is featuring my favorite moisturizer at the moment, The Laneige Water bank moisture cream. I hope you guys enjoy this review, I am having so much fun reviewing and testing out these products for you!
Thanks so much for watching!

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  1. Christine Francillo

    Hi, when you mean light light, like would it make my skin oily, sticky? I suffered from dry skin and dermatitis from using AHA. I stopped for a week, I tried their water bank essence and I was so happy how my skin looks really dewy! not the oily type? my skin just looks plump and healthy. I just ordered it because I'm in need of a light summer moisturiser but not sure if it will be too heavy in our hot and humid weather.

  2. Yas Cantu

    I'm obsessed with Laneige💙 the water bank serum is soooo nice leaves my sensitive skin so soft and plump. I hate that they stopped selling in targets near me. Def worth ordering online tho 💙🙌🏾

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