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#Dermatologist #DrDray reviews Laneige cream skin moisturizer. This video is not sponsored. Product was gifted to me in exchange for this review. Links below (not above) contain affiliates.

💜Some moisturizers
Differin soothing moisurizer
Cerave PM
Neutrogena oil free sensitive
Vanicream lite lotion
Simply pure hydrating night serum
Freederm Overnight Clearing serum
Cetaphil daily hydrating lotion
La Roche Posay toleriane ultra
Procure rosacare
DML lotion
Cleure oil free moisturizer
Cetraben cream
QV cream
Cliderm cream
Cetaphil moisturizing cream
E45 eczema cream
Eucerin eczema

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  1. Carla Shane

    I'm a month in using this product morning and night. For me, it's not a wow product. I bought it because I'm looking for a hydrator for my dry dehydrated skin and because of the technology. I wish I bought the mist version due to the fact that it's very watery. Watching Dr Dray's review now makes a lot of sense.

  2. Kailey Zitaner

    Dr. Dray, would you review the AmorePacific Vintage Single Extract Essence? It’s stupidly expensive but it’s just green tea, a delivery agent, a humectant, and two preservatives. Super curious what your thoughts would be

  3. Jessyca Roy Landry

    Hi Dr. Dray, I'm trying to understand trans-epidermal water loss that you mentioned, I'm realizing that a lot of moisturizers don't have a lot of occlusive ingredients or at least, I don't know to what percentage of occlusive ingredients my moisturizers needs to have to be able to "seal in moisture" effectively. Does all the ones you listed in your description good occlusive moisturizers? Should I put them over my regular moisturizers or should they be the only moisturizers I use? I ask because I live in somewhat a hot/dry climate and I'm not sure all the hydration I bring to my face (e.g. HA) is working – my wrinkles are just accelerating it seems like

  4. Leilani Tennyson

    This helped me skin so much this pass winter. My skin was so dry and eczema patches and I added this to my skin care and it helped a lot.

  5. Helena Boñita

    Could you please do review on the whole skin care line of la neige? I've just stumbled on you and You're awesome!!! I love that you're an actual dermatologist, i wish i had found you earlier😢

  6. Stiljan Pela

    This product has saved my dry skin! I’m about to purchase my 3rd bottle, I use this first thing I wake up and even after I shower, it’s so hydrating and feels so light on my skin , and my dry skin just drinks this up, it instantly floods my skin with moisture, I don’t use any other toner than this 💕💕💕

  7. David

    Should I use this before my acne spot treatment (benzoyl peroxide? I read that toner should be used before spot treatment/serums and moisturizer after but since this item is both what should be the order?

  8. Lee Teiss

    Hi Dr. Dray, as you mentioned you only wash your face once a day, how about after gym? I supposed you also mentioned that better wash the face after gym.and sunscreen before gym means we need proper cleaning (double cleansing) or just micellar water to remove the sunscreen and re-skincare again.

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