In today’s video I go over my thoughts on the new game Kona. My previous video on Kona last year was during its time in early access, this is my review of the full release.

my rig:
Intel i5-7600k
MSI Z270 SLI Plus Motherboard
Gigabyte Gaming G1 GTX 1070
16gigs DDR4 RAM
700watt Fatality PSU

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  1. Pavel Morozov

    i seen a little bit of the game back in 2017. i was looking for this game since. i finally found it by typing in "canada simulator smokable cigarettes survival game"

  2. VK

    Bit harsh this is a solid 5 star game in my opinion the atmosphere is really quite phenomenal and the story is interesting the whole way through sure it has a few minor problems you’re free to explore but it’s not too procrastinated from the main story and I agree the narrating is great

  3. Death Wish

    Really hate that every time they show Canada 🇨🇦 in a game, it's a record breaking nie apocalyptic winter. You do realize we have very hot summers also right?

  4. Bill Hill

    Xbox game pass has this game. The narrator's voice is god awful. It is predictable too. Way too much unnecessary torch action. It loads while you are driving (I was taking a bend and the game froze for 10 seconds to load) and is an utterly terrible design idea.

  5. Keera H.

    Nice video, I wish I would’ve found it when I first finished the game awhile ago and the it was fresh in my mind. I agree with most of your points, but I don’t think the graphics made the game any less of what it was. Then again I bought it on sale for PS4, so my expectations were already low. I enjoyed the mysterious atmosphere a lot, however the ambiguous ending left me SO unsatisfied. Almost like I wasted time dealing with all the hassles you mentioned(bad menu/storage, loading jumps,etc.)because I’m like…okay??? That’s it? I’m glad I got it on sale, it definitely wasn’t worth $20 or however much it was. I would still recommend it to story driven players, but advise not to pay full price.

  6. CoKane

    Since you mentioned the quality effecting the atmosphere I wonder how it looks and plays on the switch… Currently on sale, not sure if I should get it or wait til it's reduced further since it's still $15 atm

  7. pm5k00

    Another good review… From the video this game feels like its similar to Firewatch but for whatever reason I am not feeling the wanting to play this. Is there anyone who has played Kona and Firewatch who would like to convince me to give Kona a go?

  8. Swedish Game Nerd

    Great review! You really get into how the game works and what shortcomings, I think it's great that you mention stuff like the graphics and the clunky inventory system.

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